Premium Coffee Powder 1000g

Price 10.06 USD / Bag/Bags

Product Description

  • Taste: Lagomé premium coffee powder has a strong bitter taste, light aroma, moderate caffeine, acrid, sweet aftertaste.
  • Style: Vietnamese Gu, suitable for Men/Women
  • Preparation: Mix traditional filter, drink with sugar or milk (hot, iced) as you like.
  • Ingredients: Robusta, Arabica Honey Cofffee
  • Grain size: Grade 1 grain, 18 . floor
  • Roasting method: Roasted brown, rustic
  • Content: Caffein > 1 %
  • Term: 1 year from the date of packing.

Product Details

As the name suggests , Lagomé premium powdered coffee is coffee roasted from 100% coffee beans. Does not include any coloring, flavoring, or thickening ingredients. and at the same time no preservatives, industrial colors, no added impurities such as corn, soybeans, black beans.. and especially no chemicals and coffee aromas are used. So when you enjoy Lagomé premium powdered coffee, you always feel the taste lingers on your lips, on your tongue all day long.


Lagomé premium powdered coffee product in filter form with 3 flavor options:

  • 100% Robusta (characteristic strong bitter taste, popular) [colon detox patients should choose this type]
  • 100% Arabica (special sour taste, higher price)
  • Mix Robusta and Arabica (both bitter taste and attractive mild sour taste according to heirloom recipe)

Source of raw materials

Lagomé Coffee selects coffee beans grown on a large area from the specialty coffee area at the foot of Ham Rong mountain, Chu A commune, Pleiku city, Gia Lai province and through a very careful selection, produces robusta coffee products. special and is considered to have the highest quality, has the most characteristic flavor.

Coffee beans are productive thanks to the soil, water source and dry processing according to the traditional method until the outer shell will be put into the separator, so Lagomé Coffee always has a much higher caffeine content than coffee beans. other coffee.

The time to harvest coffee to produce the Lagomé powdered coffee product line is carefully selected, the fruit is fully ripe, the red rind is red, the stem is only slightly green. The fruit is free from pests and diseases for the best quality coffee beans

Processing and Manufacturing

The processing process of Lagomé coffee powder is carried out through 8 stages:

  1. Source of raw materials: grown from the land of the Central Highlands of Gia Lai to ensure deliciousness and quality. Harvested on an organic garden without pesticides, meeting VietGap standards
  2. Coffee picking: divided into several batches, ensuring quality and ripe fruit picking
  3. Wash coffee: After being harvested, coffee is thoroughly washed, removing sand, sand and removing flat seeds.
  4. Coffee selection: chỉ có những hạt cafe chất lượng mới được lựa chọn làm nguyên liệu
  5. Grinding the outer layer of Coffee: After being carefully selected, the coffee beans are ground for the outer shell, incubated for 24 - 36 hours, then cleaned of mucus and then dried.
  6. Drying Coffee: Lagomé's Coffee beans are dried on a nylon or polyester "glass" according to the correct technique and rotated according to a certain time cycle.
  7. Coffee preservation: After obtaining the best quality coffee beans, Lagomé Coffee Beans are stored in sacks or cloth bags to store green coffee. The humidity of coffee is always maintained from 11% to 13%, the storage area always ensures moisture insulation, good insulation, and cleanliness. Coffee bags are always not lined up against the wall and floor. We always change the order of bags of Cafe Nhan every 3 weeks. To avoid the coffee being affected by the load.
  8. Roasting Coffee: Coffee roasting is always the most complicated process that requires techniques to produce delicious quality coffee beans.