High Quality Vietnamese Milk Coffee Flavour Food & Drink Enhancer Wholesale

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Product Description

Vietnamese Milk Coffee Flavour

Vietnam Coffee Milk is traditionally made from finely ground and locally-grown dark roast coffee (Robusta) and individually brewed through a small metal French drip filter into a cup containing about a quarter to a half as much sweetened condensed milk, stirred and poured over ice. Take a sip and let the overwhelming sweetness of Vietnamese coffee hit your senses. Wait a moment until your mouth dries and bitterness of coffee kicks in. Isn’t it awesome? Take another sip and enjoy the whole experience again, except this time around you are the king of the world and nothing matters anymore. Outstanding features: true odor, characteristic, good heat resistance.


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Synthetic Flavour & Fragrance


Food Flavor



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Shelf life

12 months


PE Drum of 5 kg Net Weight

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