Black popping boba for milk tea/ Bubble boba for sale/ Tapioca pearls for bubble tea

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Popping bobas are the latest craze. Popping pearls are considered to be revolutionary technology in the production of pearls toppings. The innovative product is becoming the top attraction in shops that sell frozen yogurt, bubble tea, shaved ice, ice cream, and other cold drinks.


98% tapioca starch, water, sugar,...

Do not use preservatives, borax.

Quality Index

100 kcal, 60–70% carbohydrates, 6–13% water, 6–8% protein, 5–10% fat,2–7% dietary fiber,


Tapioca Pearls


100% tapioca starch


1000 kgs


delicious, nutritious, good for health and convenient


black color


dessert, making bubble tea

Delivery time

15-30 days


1kg/bag; OEM available


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Tapioca Starch

Trending Beverage Sensation

Popping bobas which originated in Asia, the place that gave birth to the famous tapioca pearls, is now trending in beverage shops in the United States and Europe. Popping bobas, or popping pearls, are creative and healthy toppings. A lot of people also find their way into a variety of desserts and beverages, giving them a fresh, new look. They also buy popping pearls for use in their own homes. Popping bobas have become very popular because of the fruit taste in the bobas and the exciting feeling created when they pop inside the mouth. The popping bobas literally burst with fruit sensation coming from the different flavors available.

Tapioca pearls and popping pearls are both popular toppings and addition to beverages and desserts. Tapioca pearls are chewy, provide a sweet after taste as you chew them. The tapioca pearls, sweetened with honey or sugar, provides roundness to beverages made of tea. Because of their neutral flavors, tapioca pearls can pair with any flavor of drink or dessert.

Packing & Delivery


Packing: 200g - 500g - 1kg, as customer's request

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