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Instant Cocoa Powder

What is cocoa powder?

Cocoa powder used for preparation is usually in the form of a powder, made from cocoa beans. Cocoa powder has a bitter taste, characteristic aroma and rich nutrition. Cocoa powder is a highly applicable ingredient in cuisine from cooking, baking to mixing. In particular, in the preparation of delicious cocoa-based drinks, it brings a great sound to the overall symphony.

How to use cocoa powder? When should you drink cocoa? 

- Do not give too much sugar or milk: Using too sweet cocoa powder will lead to obesity, affecting blood pressure and metabolic processes inside the body. - Do not drink cocoa more than 2 cups a day: If you drink too much or drink it continuously for a long time, it can lead to addiction and bring many bad consequences for your health. - Avoid drinking much in the evening: Cocoa contains a small amount of caffeine, for people who are sensitive to caffeine, this small amount can cause sleep problems, insomnia and affect your health.


The color of instant cocoa powder

Instant cocoa powder will be supplemented with a certain amount of sugar and milk to help stabilize the taste of the product. The color of the powder also changes. Pre-mixed cocoa powder will usually be reddish-brown, light brown, and when looking at the color is not fresh. It has some white spots of milk, sugar or grains.

Taste of cocoa powder

Cocoa powder will have a deep sweetness and less bitterness when mixing with milk. It is accompanied by the fatty taste of milk and the aroma of sugar.

Why instant cocoa powder is easy to drink.

When producing instant cocoa powder, manufacturers measured the appropriate amount of raw materials. To balance the bitterness of cocoa powder with the sweetness and fat of lactose. Therefore, it is very suitable for the taste of many people and is extremely easy to drink. 

However, drinking cocoa often contains too much sweetener. Therefore, it may not be suitable for some people who are undergoing treatment for diabetes or who are losing weight or have acne and have to abstain from powdered sugar.



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