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Instant Cocoa Powder

Instant cocoa powder is one of the products that are delicately combined between pure cocoa powder with dark brown color, aroma and bitter taste, produced from finely ground cocoa beans of Vietnam with milk and sugar. Tasty, attractive feeling when enjoying. Make it easier to use.

  To get delicious cocoa powder, cocoa powder production process includes many complicated stages. Fresh cocoa pods after being harvested will be fermented for 2-9 days and dried. Then, cocoa beans will be roasted to increase flavor and aroma. Roasting temperature is one of the factors that determine the final flavor of cocoa powder. After roasting, the cocoa beans are ground to a fine powder. At this point, the fat and cocoa butter melt, causing the cocoa powder to merge into a dark brown mass called chocolate liquor. The chocolate liquor is pressed to extract the liquid, and the rest is cooled and ground into a powder.


The Color Of Instant Cocoa Powder

- Instant cocoa powder will be supplemented with a certain amount of sugar and milk to help stabilize the taste of the product. The color of the powder also changes. Pre-mixed cocoa powder will usually be reddish-brown, light brown, and when looking at the color is not fresh. It has some white spots of milk, sugar or grains.

Taste Of Instant Cocoa Powder

- Instant cocoa powder is less bitter than pure cocoa powder, has the aroma and sweetness of milk, the cocoa smell is very light.

Great Benefits Of Instant Cocoa Powder

1. Rich in Polyphenols - natural antioxidants. 

2. Lowers high blood pressure by improving nitric oxide levels. 

3. May reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. 

4. Polyphenols improve blood flow to the brain and brain function. 

5. May improve mood and depressive symptoms by various effects. 

6. Flavanols may improve symptoms of type 2 diabetes. 

7. Can control weight surprisingly. 

8. Antibacterial and immune-stimulating properties may benefit teeth and skin.

9. Contains Theobromine and Theophylline which may be good for people with asthma.



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Cacao Drinks


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24 months

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Instant Cocoa Powder




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Cocoa Powder


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Instant Cocoa Drink




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