Grass straws

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MOQ 50000 piece
Port Cat Lai port, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Packaging 50 pcs/box and 500 pcs/bundle
Lead Time 2 weeks

Product Details

Grass straws are made from Grey Sedge grass which is locally known as “Cỏ Bàng” and abundant in Mekong Delta - Vietnam. They are semi handmade, environmental friendly and safe to the users. The products are dried at suitable temperatures and UV sterilized before being packed. Grass straws are biodegradable and selected as a great alternative to the single-use plastic straws today.

Using straws made from environmental friendly materials, such as grass and bamboo straws, is one of the green and responsible living styles.

Grass straws of M.A.I Organics are suitable for drinking water, coffee, smoothies, cocktails, etc.

Straws length: 200mm, diameter: 4-8mm.

Pack: 50 pcs/box and 500 pcs/bundle

In addition, M.A.I Organics offers packing on customer’s demand amount.

Shelf life: 1 year, in a cool and dry place