Baka Drip Bag Coffee (10 bags per box)

Price 5.00 USD / Box/Boxes


Baka Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, located at Chu Hau 5 Hamlet, Iayok Commune, IaGrai District, Gia Lai. With the motto of giving people a strong and pure coffee taste, building a clean coffee community is the value-oriented goal that Baka pursues.
With the goal of development, we always stick with high quality coffee beans because we are the ones who see its values ​​best.
The products currently offered by Baka in the market are very popular, from popular to high-end products, from filter to machine to convenient filter bag products, which are also being widely circulated. widely on the national market in general and Gia Lai province in particular.
The principle of our products is to take the quality of coffee as the focus in the process of researching and producing products. Baka coffee always invests in rigorous research, setting high standards in the method of plant variety selection as well as the care and processing process in order to keep the most of the essence of coffee beans. and maximize the taste of coffee. Currently, Baka's products are mainly roasted by the traditional manual method of firewood (although this method is much more expensive than roasting in an electric or gas oven) because through research and verification. The company believes that only roasting with charcoal can the coffee retain its unique flavor: bold, passionate, a bit harsh but charming like the people of the Central Highlands.


- Pre-ground powdered coffee
- Convenient filter bag, use anytime, anywhere
- Includes 10 bags of filter coffee (20g/pack) and 10 packets of sugar.
- Medium bitter taste, light aroma, sweet aftertaste

How to use: