Squash tea

Price 90000.00 VND / Bag/Bags


Winter melon tea: is a combination of winter melon (this type is delicious and less sour than lemon squash) that grows naturally in the garden with red apples, arhat fruit and ginger.
Uses: helps relieve heat, cools the liver, supports weight loss, and gets in shape.
🎯 Just dissolve 5-7 g of green rice flakes (1~1.5 teaspoons) in 180 ml of hot water and you can have a delicious cup of winter melon tea.

🔖Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight, store tightly after each use.
🔖Note: Do not use products that are moldy, have a strange smell, are expired or are sensitive to any ingredient of the product.
The product is manufactured and distributed by Lila Herbal Medicine Company Limited