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Essential details

Type: Cashew Nut

Cultivation Type: Organic

Processing Type: Roasted

Style: Fresh

Packaging: Manufacturer galvanized carbon steel u clip nut

Grade: 1 class

Use: any

Place of Origin: Viet Nam

Brand Name: Procom

Model Number: HDD001

Product Name: Cashew Nut Kernel

Certification: ISO

Flavor: Salt Baked

Size: W180-W210-W240-W320-W450

Origin: Viet Nam

Storage: Cool Dry Place

MOQ: 5 Tons

Shelf Life: 24 Months

Product Description


Roasted Cashew Nuts

Cashews are a healthy food because they contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients all play a role in supporting blood function and the immune system, and help prevent some cardiovascular diseases, kidney stones.

Cashews are a type of nut that has a soft texture and a sweet taste. They are native to South America, especially Brazil. These regions are the largest cashew nut producers today. Cashews are sold either raw or processed, such as roasted with salt or salted. Cashews are also used to produce milk substitutes such as cashew milk, cheese, cashews with cream sauce, etc.

Cashews contain a lot of healthy nutrients. Through analysis, every 100g of processed raw cashews contains the following nutrients:
- 553 kcal Energy
- 18.22 grams Protein
- 43.85 grams Fat
- 30.19 grams Carbohydrates
- 23.49 grams Starch
- 6.68 mg Iron
In addition, the cashew nut also contains many other nutrients such as: Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and other vitamins.

Benifical of Roasted Salted Cashew:

- Contains lots of antioxidants
- Support effective weight loss
- Support health for type 2 diabetics

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