Certificate Consulting

Halal certification

Halal Vietnam (HVN) is a testing and evaluation center for Halal certification of products exported to the markets of Islamic (Islamic) countries in Vietnam.


Services of Halal Vietnam

  • Supporting questions for Halal consumers and businesses
    • Halal consulting and certification for food industry
    • Providing community guidance on Shari’ah law of Islam and methods of practice it
    • Halal consumers / customers are protected and informed to catch up with trends related to Halal industry through websites and other media publications
    • Halal Financial Investment Advisory in Vietnam
    • Promoting the development of HVN, enhancing its role and meaning in the Halal industry as well as obligations towards social, educational, religious and charitable organizations
  • Mission:
    With aims to the highest standards for Halal products based on the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah the Prophet Mohammed (may peace be upon him).

    • Vision:
    1. To become a Halal Certification organization known to the community in Vietnam and around the world.
    2. To educate the industry about Halal and Haram.
    3. Providing information, advice and solutions to stakeholders in production.

    • Our goals:
    – Only certify products that meet Halal requirements and ensure Halal standards at all times through inspecting processing facilities on a regular and thorough basis;
    – Application of an acceptable and authorized Halal standard of Islamic scholars;
    – Educate the law for industries on the Halal diet and production processes;
    – Increasing the diversity and accessibility of Halal products
    – Testing and certification of ingredients and additives according to strict Islamic rules and regulations