Business Connection

Connect your Vietnamese enterprises to the business global network

Vietnam business connection company (B2B Vietnam Marketplace) aims at promoting trading between Vietnamese enterprises and foreign companies. B2BVietNam has been using both traditional and modern marketing tools and media based on applied e-commerce technology. In addition, B2BVietNam would actively make connection between buyers’ desire, suppliers and other parties offering supportive services; thereby creating good conditions for trading succeed with maximum benefit.

Together with us, enterprises could:

–   Expand business globally

–   Overcome languages barriers

–   Reduce transaction cost

–   Reduce advertising cost

We provide the following services:

–   B2B online marketplace

–   Active Sale Solution

–   E-office service

–   Import-export consultancy


We wish to build an unique and special center to meet the needs of Vietnamese companies: a trading market, an intermediary financial institution, an export-import bank and a general gate to connect all these companies to enterprises supporting services about these kinds of business orders.


We aim at establishing a center where Vietnamese and global companies could unite and introduce their products as well as carry on transactions with the willing support from trading-consulting-finance enterprises, to guide the business transactions to success.

We are not only boosting transactions and saving business opportunities but also helping companies cut down the fees for marketing and searching for clients.

We are applying the best and the most modern applications as well as training professional teams to serve effectively and suitably with special features and products of each company.