Hot Porduct! White agarbatti fragrance incese stick 8 inch in Viet Nam

Price 1000.00 USD / Metric Ton/Metric Tons


Company Profile

Hello everybody. Today, I will present to you about a life history of company Anh Sang . Anh Sang is produced and distributed incense over country and india. The company was founded in 2005 and had developed the widest distribution network in Vietnam and India, Thailand. Anh Sang introduced new products such as incense black, incense white and incense special. AnhSang have more than 200 employees, generated more than 300 tons of products in a month.

Our Joss Powder is made completely from red bark, green bark and leave of Litsea Glutinosa tree in the central Highland of Vietnam. Depend on the percentage of green bark, red bark and leaf, Joss Powder has different quality and there are different names.