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We're BAMBOO VIET IMPORT EXPORT AND TRADING PRODUCTION JOINT STOCK COMPANY from Viet Nam, which is a company with a closed activity field in manufacturing and trading of agarwood including providing, hand-crafted agarwood chips, Agarwood beads, and Incense. Established since 2000, Bavimex.jsc is growing very fast with three affiliates: Bavimex.JSC, Vietinmex.jsc.,, Vietnam Fragrance . We have exported 35 to 50 containers/month and have a good reputation in India, our main market. We set up a craft village with highly skilled craftsmem. Our artisan Agarwood products are high class aesthetic and sophistication.We offer you many Agarwood products are made totally by hand such as beads, incense, especially Agarwood chips in variety ranks with the best quality.We save your more money.No middleman means lowest prices for you.We drive fast & ship faster.Real time tracking and fast shipping All the things we do, we do it for you, our customers. we have 1000 machine and 10,000 m2 godown for production all kind of product. Tel: 0466555807 Hotline: Mr. Viet Director Tel: +84964686282 WE CHAT/ WHATSSAP/VIBER