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Latex pillow from Saigon Foam brand

Young latex pillows are the most popular product line today. But there are many mixed opinions from actual users about this pillow. Let's learn about this product line with Saigon Foam!


What is a young latex pillow?

The main material that makes a natural latex pillow is a combination of materials formed from Polyurethane (PU) compounds and other additives to increase elasticity, also for that reason, young rubber is approved by NASA. Using seat design for high elasticity, young rubber pillows have the most optimal shock absorption capacity.


What are the advantages of young latex pillows?

The advantage of young latex pillows is high flexibility, manufactured according to many different requirements of customers, specifically in terms of color, size, hardness - softness, product specifications...

Meets safety standards, has the ability to resist fire, anti-static, damping, reducing vibration, ...

The product is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable, and reusable.

Obtained certification from VNTEST . testing and quality assurance institute

How many types of latex pillows are there and the purpose of each type?

Depending on the purpose of use, so Saigon Foam also launches a variety of models to serve even the most demanding customers.


The most popular pillow types today:

- Young rubber neck pillow: often used in travel, neck support against neck fatigue, good elasticity, creating a more comfortable feeling than other common pillow models.

- Young rubber bone pillow: the product has a bone shape, has a moderate curvature, helps to stiffen the neck for drivers who have to drive for a long time, or young people who like to travel by car.

- Young rubber seat cushion: the product has a square shape, used as a seat cushion, smooth and highly elastic, helping users to work for a long time, suitable for study, entertainment or office workers. sit for a long time.

Newborn neonatal latex pillow set: includes 1 pillow and 2 hug pillows, pillow size 22x36x3cm, pillow size: 10x38cm. In order to replace the traditional newborn pillow product line, the size is suitable for babies from 0 to 2 years old, the material is absolutely safe for sensitive babies' skin.

- Young latex pillows: there are many sizes and shapes, the most popular sizes are 30x50cm, 50x70cm, the shape has popular shapes such as: curved shape according to the user's head and neck, rectangle ... due to its good elasticity, this product line is also interested by many users and is also the best-selling product line on the market today.

In addition to the above basic models, Saigon Foam also launched many models of 3D heat transfer printing on pillowcases, or launched very cool looking Embroidery young latex pillows.


Are young latex pillows really good for health?

Young latex pillows are considered very good for health, because this product possesses a series of great advantages such as:

Give you a good and deep sleep

With excellent elastic properties and the ability to hug the head and neck, always bring comfort when used, this product line of young latex pillows is sure to bring you wonderful moments of relaxation. After a long and tiring day at work. In addition, the young latex pillow is very convenient, you can carry it on travel or business trips, on long-distance cars or trains, even when on an airplane.

Alleviate neck fatigue and pain.

For Saigon Foam young latex pillows, even if you use them every day for hours in all activities, they will not make you feel frustrated or uncomfortable, but on the contrary, this latex pillow also helps you to support your head, neck, help you relieve stress, fatigue, neck pain or shoulder pain...

Young latex pillows help children develop comprehensively

For young children, positioning the baby's head and neck is very important, so the young latex pillow from Saigon Foam is researched and developed specifically for babies, a really necessary product to prevent distortion and flattening. head for infants and young children, helping to protect the round shape of the baby's head. Not only that, but the young latex pillow is also very breathable, anti-sweat mixed, helping children sleep well, deep sleep for the body to develop the best.


Should I buy a young latex pillow?

All the necessary information shared by Saigon Foam above is that young latex pillows are really necessary in daily life, study or travel, especially in terms of great health benefits. safe for users.

Sleep is a very important factor, playing a role in helping the body stay in a state of vitality and energy after a deep sleep, so choosing a young latex pillow as a sleeping pillow is equally important. important.

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