Fresh Oganic Tomatoes From VietNam

Price 2.80 USD / Kilogram/Kilograms


Product Description


In case you were wondering, a tomato is a technically a fruit, because it’s seed-bearing and develops from the ovary of a
flowering plant. (Botanically speaking, vegetables consist of other plant parts, like roots, leaves, and stems.) But when it comes to nutrition, tomatoes —along with seedy cucumbers and zucchini—are categorized as vegetables. That's due in part to their lower carb and sugar contents: A medium tomato provides just 22 calories, and about 5 grams of total carb, with 3 as sugar and 1.5 as fiber. But this low-calorie, low-carb package is chock-full of nutrients, and has been linked to a variety of health benefits.
Here are seven, along with some simple ways to incorporate more tomatoes into your everyday meals and snacks.

Fresh Tomato


Nature Red and Green color


80 - 150g


Nature Red and Green



Storage temoerature

0 - 5°c

Supplying Period

All the whole year

Exporting Standard

Washed anh polished

intact firm, red anh green color 

no cracks, no black part and rotten part


T/T, L/C and can be negotiated


5kg/ 8kg/ 12kg per  carton/custom packing upon customer's request

PE preservative bags


40 ft HC container takes 24 MT



Packing & Delivery



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