Sachi PyLo seeds

Price 350.00 VND / Kilogram/Kilograms


Sachi PyLo seeds are a product highly appreciated by many customers because the nutritional value of this type of seed has been recognized. Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper has many articles about this crop originating from South America. Accordingly, it brings great benefits to consumers' health - the biggest goal that PyLoHerb aims to achieve.

In 2019, sachi was officially recognized as a new national medicinal plant. Furthermore, it is also suitable for growing in places with soil and climate such as the Mang Den hills and mountains. Regarding harvesting and preservation, thanks to the very tough stems of sachi fruit, they are not affected by much breakage during heavy rains. Drying in the sun at moderate temperatures will retain the best nutrition. After processing, dried seeds can be stored for 6 months and when pressed into oil, they can be stored for 3 years.

As a brand that always aims to source national medicinal herbs as well as take the best care of consumer health, PyLoHerb began researching information about this new crop, referencing the model, effectiveness and productivity of sachi trees. in the Mang Den mountain area. Seeing the potential as well as having outlined a clear direction, PyLoHerb embarked on the journey of harvesting, producing and launching the original Sachi PyLo seed product.

Up to now, PyLoHerb is still working very well in supporting people in mountainous areas to grow, purchase and process sachi seeds. The market also gradually has the potential to create reputation and quality for export both domestically and internationally.

We always cherish the desire to accompany people growing Vietnamese medicinal herbs as well as bring the most delicious, quality and nutritious sachi seeds to customers.

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