Price 800.00 USD / Set/Sets


MOQ 5000 box
Port Hai Phong
Packaging containers
Lead Time 10- 20 day

Product Details

Origin: Bat Trang

Material: Ceramic

GOM BVINA CORP specializes in providing decorative items, interior decoration

- The tea set from Vietnamese Fine Arts will contribute to bringing you comfortable relaxation sessions with your family with delicious and hot cups of hot tea, as well as returning the soul to peace in life. .

- Structure of high-class porcelain teapot: ensuring high permeability, preserving the aroma of tea

- The product is burned in an oven with a temperature of 1300 degrees Celsius, completely eliminating harmful substances to ensure the health of users.

- Beautiful and classy products can be used as gifts for relatives, friends, housewarming.

- The cup is glazed with turquoise glaze in the heart, the color is bright, clean and helps to keep the taste and tea taste delicious and beautiful, not sticky, easy to clean after use.