Hanoi Instant Noodle Soup - COMBO 2 WINS (Box 24x75Gr)

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Product Specifications


Country of Origin: Vietnam

Flavor: Chicken, Beef, Beef with Wine Sauce

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Ships From: Hanoi

Product Description

“Pho is a special gift of Hanoi, not only in Hanoi, but because it is delicious only in Hanoi.” Referring to Pho Hanoi, we cannot ignore Pho Ganh - the first place Pho was born with a unique flavor and is also a place to keep sweet memories of old Hanoi.Foodeli's Instant Pho Ganh Hanoi brings the full traditional flavor of Pho Ganh into each pho package, making you feel I thought I was enjoying a hot bowl of pho in the old quarter of Hanoi.
Foodeli's special Pho Ganh Hanoi preparations with:

• Squeeze noodle made from 100% pure, carefully selected new rice grains; go through the process of soaking, grinding, crushing; After that, it is steamed and dried to ensure that the noodle soup is tough after only 4 minutes of processing.
• Pure bone broth stewed continuously for 12 hours brings the sweet taste from the bones of Pho Bo, the light yellow-brown color from the stewed beef of Pho Bo Saut Vang, the sweet and smooth taste of Pho Chicken.
• Packages of scallions, split onions are dried by sublimation drying technology, keeping the color, characteristic flavor and full of nutrients. In each package of Pho Chicken, the vegetable package will have more lemon leaves, helping you get the best experience when enjoying.
• Package of ground chili sauce specially prepared for Hanoi Pho.
• Especially in each package of Pho Bo and Pho Bo with Sauté Vang, there will be a package of chili garlic vinegar served with pho to help bring up the smell, fight boredom and meet the taste of Hanoi Pho.
With just a few simple steps of processing, Foodeli brings you a full meal of nutrition, true to the quintessential taste of old Pho Ganh Hanoi without going far.

Product information
- Weight 75g/pack, 1 carton of 24 packs
- Energy value 215kcal
- The product fully meets the strict standards of food hygiene and safety FSSC 22000, ISO, HACCP
- 1 carton of 24 packs
- HSD: 12 months from the date of manufacture indicated on the package
- Made in Vietnam

User manual
- Step 1: Put the noodle soup, vegetable package and sauce package in the bowl
- Step 2: Prepare about 400ml of boiling water in a bowl
- Step 3: Cover the bowl and wait for about 3-4 minutes
- Step 4: Mix well, put the package of chili sauce and garlic and chili vinegar soaked in vinegar and enjoy

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