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Macadamia is a special plant that supplies the most nutritious dry nut in the world. Although the survival rate after germination is up to 90%, but in the harvest season, just over 35 degrees Celsius, the nuts fall soon. With favorable soil conditions and special climatic conditions, the two best area for planting macadamia in Vietnam are the Tay Bac and the Tay Nguyen. The area in the world is about 80.000 ha including Australia, China, Thailand, Hawaii and Vietnam. Although imported from abroad, this plant has quickly adapted to the soil and climate conditions of Dak Lak, Lam Dong (Da Lat), Dien Bien (Tay Bac).Maca Nuts have exploded in popularity in recent years with many health benefits and nutrients. Macadamia is commonly available both in powder form and herbal supplement for healthcare medicine. In Vietnam, Maca made their entry into Vietnam market 1990s. However, Maca Nuts only have commonly grown in Vietnam only since 2000s with high demand for domestics consumption and exporting. Our company, Vihaba, has a high-capacity of providing Maca Nuts in Bulk with various kinds ranging from Raw Maca with Shell or without Shell to Salted Roasted Maca. For Roasted Maca Nuts, we can customize the added ingredients according to customer's requirements.

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- Vihaba Trade and Import-Export Company Limited (Vihaba Co., Ltd) is a privately owned company operating in Hanoi city, the capital of Vietnam. Vihaba is one of the emerging companies in providing Vietnamese agricultural products to international customers.
- Throughout many years of doing export business, we have established and developed many stable and long-term business partnership with many international companies in our core valued products.
- From early days of establishment, Vihaba’s philosophy is centered in being a realible and high-capacity supplier of agricultural products by providing superior value to customers and suppliers as well


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