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In the context of the COVID-19, e-Commerce is being used as a useful buying method. Governments in ASEAN are similarly making efforts to create favourable conditions for businesses to go online during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, it is a good opportunity for enterprises across ASEAN to promote their products and increase their sales via e-commerce in the region.

Vietnam as the Chair of ASEAN 2020 has proposed the ASEAN Online Sale Day. The ASEAN Online Sale Day is the first online shopping event that will be conducted collectively on a region-wide scale and will be held on the 8 of August 2020. The ASEAN Coordinating Committee on E-commerce (ACCEC) will be the coordinator for AOSD.

The ASEAN Online Sale Day will facilitate AMS to promote cross – border trade through e-commerce. Through this program, enterprises across AMS will also have good opportunities to promote their domestic products/services to customers living in different economies across ASEAN.



The ASEAN Online Sale Day (AOSD) is an annual ASEAN – wide e-commerce event involving e-commerce businesses & platforms offering discounts & promotions on ASEAN Day.






Reputable e-commerce businesses and platforms in 10 ASEAN countries will launch a series of special discount shopping programs for consumers in that country on August 8, 2020.





Enterprises and platforms will coordinate to implement a cross-border online shopping program among ASEAN countries. In 2020, 6 member countries will participate in this activity: Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Through the annual ASEAN Online Sale Day, ASEAN members hope to bring new and prestigious shopping experiences to consumers and to send a positive message to consumers and businesses that ASEAN is “open for business” and present ASEAN solidarity during and post-COVID 19 and facilitate cross-border e-commerce in the region.


“How to place an order at ASEAN Online Sale Day webpage?”

ASEAN Online Sale Day 2020 will give an online shopping and technology experience for you to enjoy your own Grand Sale 8/8 event in the fullest way! !

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