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Attention: China Steel Market Survey Tour (iv) Invitation
Posted Date: 18/09/2018 
Expired Date: 18/09/2019
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Subject Attention: China Steel Market Survey Tour (iv) Invitation
Product Iron / steel
Product Description Dear Customers,

SteelHome Annual Conference has proven to be excellent networking platform for steel industry. To meet 140+ Chinese steelmakers, 800 delegates should never be missing.
I Background
Since the supply-side structural reform from 2016, steel industry has improved significantly by addressing overcapacity and clearing out substandard steel. The utilization rate of the whole industry has been significantly improved, as well as the relationship between supply and demand.
This year, environmental protection supervision and production limitation are very strict nationwide, which have a big impact on the steel supply. The production restriction on blast furnaces pushed steelmakers to use more scrap due to hot metal production reduction. What’s more, market rumor disclosed that 2018 winter season production cuts in steel industry will start from 1 September, which will add the supply/demand conflict and price spike possibility.
Based on these above, SteelHome website will organize a survey tour to North China, which aims to help participants better understand the policy implementation in steel and coke industry.
II Scheduled time: 30 October- 2 November 2018
Note: SteelHome will hold China Steel Industry Summit for 2019 Market in Blossom Water Museum Hotel Hangzhou, East China, during 26-28 October 2018. The TOUR will be organized after the Summit.
III Scheduled place: Handan city-Changzhi city
IV Preliminary Enterprises to Visit (5-6)
Steel mills: HBIS Handan Steel, Yuhua Steel, Shougang Changzhi Steel
Coking plants: Huafeng Coal Chemical Industry, Fengmei Coking Co., Ltd, Tianyu Coking Co., Ltd, Lubao Coking Group, Lu’an Coking Co., Ltd
Coal mines: Jizhong Energy Group, Lu’an Group
We will try to adjust it according to your requirements.
V Content
1. Current coke demand and supply
2. Current status of scrap usage and outlook for the future demand
3. Coking coal usage for steel mills and coking plants
4. The production situation of coal mines and forecast on market supply
5. Impact of environmental protection and production limitation
6. Prospect for EAF industry
VI Charges
5000 US dollars per company (No more than 3 persons)
Note: Charges include catering, accommodation, transportation and translation during the survey; the cost that is not mentioned during the survey should be borne by yourself.
VII Others
In order to ensure the quality of the survey, the total number of participants in the survey does not exceed eight.
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Now, just register for the event and write back to us!
We will get everything prepared before your arrival!
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