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Ammonium Sulphate
Posted Date: 28/07/2015 
Expired Date: 31/07/2020
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Subject Ammonium Sulphate
Product Fertilizers
Product Code XLD21
Product Description 1.Properties:
Product Name:Ammonium Sulphate
CAS NO.: 7783-20-2
EINECS NO.: 231-984-1
H.S.Code: 3102210000
Molecular Form: (NH4)2SO4
Molecular Weight: 132.13.
Appearance and Properties:Ammonium Sulphate is white or off-white granule, easily soluble in water. Aqueous solution appears acid. Insoluble in alcohol, acetone and ammonia, Easily deliquescent in the air.

Ammonium Sulphate is one of the most common use and most typical inorganic nitrogen fertilizer. Ammonium Sulphate is the best fast release, quick acting fertilizer, which can be directly used for a variety of soil and crops. It can also be used as kinds of seed fertilizers, base fertilizer and additional fertilizer. It is particularly suitable for the soil which lack of sulfur, low chlorine tolerance crops, sulfur-philic crops.
Ammonium Sulphate is suitable for the rice seedling, the growth of tea, grass, vegetables, and fruit trees, effectually rapid promoting the growth of grain, vegetables, fruits, grass and other plants. It has more efficiency than urea, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium chloride, ammonium nitrate etc. Large granular Ammonium Sulphate can also serve as raw material for compound fertilizer. As feed additives, it provides the nutrients of non-protein nitrogen to ruminants. Ammonium Sulphate also used for fish culture in some areas.
3. As fertilizer must attention
Ammonium sulphate are acidic fertilizers. It can increase the acidity of the soil, Therefore should pay attention to use in acidic soils with alkaline fertilizer, such as plant ash, phosphate rock powder or calcium magnesium phosphate and so on. Use in neutral and alkaline soil in order to prevent calcium ion combined with sulfate ion to insoluble calcium sulfate (gypsum), caused by soil hardened, and should apply with organic fertilizer.
fertilizer use ammonium sulphate photo:

Item Specifications
Grade Ammonium Sulphate Granular-Seel Grade Ammonium Sulphate- Caprolactam Grade
Appearance White Granular White Crystaline
N 20.5%Min 21%Min
S 23.5%Min 24%Min
Fe —— 0.007%Max
As 0.0002%Max 0.0005%Max
Moisture 1.5%Max 1.0%Max
Free Acid 0.3%Max 0.05%Max
Water Insoluble Matter —— 0.02%Max
Size 2-5MM 0-2MM/0-4MM/2-4MM
5.Packing Details:
Ammonium Sulphate will be packed in N.W.25KG, 50KG Plastic Woven Bgs or 1000KG , 1250KG Jumbo Bags.25MT/20’FCL.
Ammonium Sulphate should be stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Away from fire and heat source. Ammonium Sulphate should be stored apart with acid, alkali, mixed reservoir of avoid by all means. Storage area should be equipped with the right material for leakage content.
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