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Lisun Electronics Inc.


Electrostatic Discharge Simulator
Posted Date: 14/07/2015 
Expired Date: 14/07/2055
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Subject Electrostatic Discharge Simulator
Product Electrical equipment for vehicles (exc 8539); windshield wipers/defrosters/demisters/horns, lighting equipments, drying ovens used in labs and industries; and other equipments
Product Code ESD61000-2
Product Description Electrostatic discharge simulator (electrostatic gun) ESD61000-2 in full compliance with IEC 61000-4-2, EN61000-4-2 and GB/T17626.2 standards. The ESD generator is for the assessment of electrical and electronic equipment to withstand ESD performance to develop a common criteria, and the technology has reached domestic leading level.

• Compact and lightweight unit.
• A new level of ease of use & safety with the user interface consisting of LCD, eight key buttons.
• Discharge patterns: contact and air discharges.
• Easily changeable capacitor and resistor unit, to meet the testing requirements of other standards.
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Job Title: Global Account Manager
Address: Room 405, North Building, No. 1021, CaoYang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, 200062, China
Telephone: 86-021-5108  (Ext 3341)
Fax: 86-021-51083342
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