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Hangzhou Evershining Machinery Co., Ltd.


Round Dies
Posted Date: 13/09/2018 
Expired Date: 28/12/2018
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Subject Round Dies
Product Taps / cocks / valves / similar for pipes / boiler shells / tanks / vats / etc; parts; Ball / roller bearings & parts; shafts / bearings / gears / flywheels / pulleys / clutches/ couplings/ camshafts/ crankshafts/ Universal joints; and other machine parts
Product Code M/ZG/BSW
Product Description Dies (Optional)
Metric:            M8*1.25     M10*1.5     M12*1.75
                      M14*2.0      M16*2.0 
                      M18*2.5      M20*2.5     M22*2.5   
                      M24*3.0      M27*3.0
                      M30*3.5      M33*3.5 
                      M36*4.0      M39*4.0      M42*4.5
·G/R/BSW/UNC/NPT (Optional)
·Alloy Steel / ·HSS
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Contact Person: adagong     Contact Now
Job Title: sales
Address: No. 11, Yinbing Rd, Xiasha Industry Zone, Hangzhou, China
Telephone: 86-571-81768767
Fax: 86-571-86260697
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