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Sourcing Agent In China
Posted Date: 24/03/2011 
Expired Date: 31/12/2020
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Subject Sourcing Agent In China
Product Consulting and management services
Product Description Your buying (sourcing) agent in China and helps with import.
As China is becoming a major manufacturer of industrial products due to its low price and improved quality, a growing number of foreign enterprises are doing business with China in a variety of modes, from buying traditional items of arts and crafts, to industrial raw materials, components, to semi-finished products, OEM products and high-end products like electronics, home appliances, clothing, chemicals and machinery.
The diversity of products and culture, languages and business practices pose a problem for foreign buyers, especially for SMEs. Having a personal rapport with the suppliers thus is important. This is where a sourcing agent or buying agent comes into the picture. Our responsibility and value is to find reputable suppliers and quality products.
Service charge: 3-10 percent of the contractual value.
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Contact Person: Sean Wang     Contact Now
Job Title: Managing Director
Address: Room 506 Hi-tech Enterprise Centre, Qingdao ETDZ
Telephone: +86-532-86899282
Fax: +86-532-86899282
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