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Aw International Steel Trading


Stainless 310h Uns S31009 Bolt Nut Washer Fasteners
Posted Date: 16/09/2015 
Expired Date: 30/09/2020
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Subject Stainless 310h Uns S31009 Bolt Nut Washer Fasteners
Product Iron / steel
Product Description stainless 310H UNS S31009 bolt nut washer fasteners

1 Product: hex bolt nut washer screw stud bolt screw threaded rod gasket
2 size: Bolt: M6-M64; Nut: M3-M64 ;Threaded Rod:4-2000mm (all thread, double end thread).
Other size negotiable
3 Standard: DIN 931, DIN 933, DIN 934, DIN 439, DIN 835, DIN 7991, DIN 975, DIN 976, DIN 912, DIN 125, DIN 6325, DIN 982, DIN 980,
ASME B18.2.1, ASME B18.2.2, ASME B18.21.1,
ASME B18.21.12,  
ISO 4017, ISO 4032, ISO 7094, ISO 4762, JIS, ANSI/ASME, BS, etc
4 Material: Stainless / duplex stainless
nickel alloy monel inconel incoloy hastelloy nimonic
5 Stainless: 321H 347 347H 310S 310H
6 Duplex stainless: Duplex 2205/UNS S31803/1.4462; duiplex 2507/UNS S32750/1.4410;
UNS S32760/1.4501; 904L/UNS N08904/1.4539
254SMO/UNS S31254/1.4547; 725LN/310Moln/UNS S31050/1.4466
UNS S32205; alloy 255/UNS S32550; alloy 6xn/AL-6XN/AL6XN/UNS N08367;
7 Nickel alloy: monel 400, monel k500, monel k-500,
inconel 600, inconel 625, inconel 601, inconel 718, inconel x-750, inconel x750, inconel 690, inconel 783, 1.4529 INCOLOY 926 UNS N08926 stud bolt nut washer fasteners
incoloy 800, incoloy 800h, incoloy 800ht, incoloy 825, incoloy 925, incoloy 6mo, incoloy 25-6mo,
nickel 200, nickel 201, 2.4633 inconel 602 UNS N06602
alloy 20, alloy 31, al-6xn, alloy 6xn, alloy 901,
hastelloy b, hastelloy b-2, hastelloy b-3,
hastelloy c-4, hastelloy c-22, hastelloy c-276,
hastelloy c-2000, hastelloy x
Nimonic 80a, nimonic 90, nimonic 263, UNS S21800 Nitronic 60
8 Lead time: 15~45days according to qty
9 Packing : Plywood cases or wooden box
10 Exported countries: United States, Germany, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, etc.
11 Test: In house and the 3rd party to test (SGS/TUV/BV etc)
12 Advantages: Excellent quality and in-time delivery

-----------sunnyofsteel (at )(g m a i l )(c o m)
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Address: 17th sunnyroad
Telephone: 86-137-1571385
Fax: 86-137-1571385
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