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Picotest Corp.


P9610a (108w/36v/7a) - Mixed Mode Dc Power Supply - Better Than Agilent E3632a
Posted Date: 25/11/2014 
Expired Date: 31/12/2030
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Subject P9610a (108w/36v/7a) - Mixed Mode Dc Power Supply - Better Than Agilent E3632a
Product Measuring tools and equipment and their accessories
Product Code P9610A
Product Description We’re glad to inform you that Picotest’s mixed mode (Linear + Switch) DC power supplies, P9610A (108W/36V/7A) are ready. We need you to put them on the sales line.
In the first beginning, P9610A is designed to beat Agilent E3632A (End User Price: USD 1100~1200). However, its autoranging function, low noise, fast settling time, light weight less than 2.5Kgs and master-slave connection function can cover a lot of power supplies made by other makers, such as Kikusui, Goodwill GPS series & PSS series, Agilent E3632A/364XA/U8000 series, TEXIO PR18-1.2A/36-3A, Keithley 2200, Tek PWS4205, 4305, 4323, & 4602, R&S NGPQ series, and so on. Buying one P9610A/11A is equivalent to have a complete series power supplies, and the light weight (<2.5Kgs, 5.5Lbs) can save you much shipping cost.
http: //www. edn. com/electronics-products/electronic-product-reviews/other/4435469/Power-supplies-combine-linear-and-switching? cid=%26_mc%3Dsm_ele_editor_martinrowe
The price structure is in the following. These prices doesn’t come with any interfaces like USB or USB + GPIB.
1) Recommended End User Price for P9610A*1: USD 735
2) Accessories (which can be installed to the P9610A and the P9611A):
Recommended End User Price for USB: USD 25
Recommended End User Price for USB + GPIB: USD 95
3) Package Information:
A. The Carton for One Unit: 34x26x14cm, 3.5Kgs
B. The Carton for Two Units: 54x36x17cm, 7.5Kgs
C. The Carton for Four Units: 54x36x31cm, 14Kgs
4) Lead Time
5 days after confirming your payment at our side.
5) Warranty
3 Years
Don’t miss the chance to have it/them on your table.
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Contact Person: Norman Cheng     Contact Now
Job Title: Sales Manager
Address: 8F-1, 286-9, Hsin-Ya Rd., 80673 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Telephone: 886-7-8157183  (Ext 806)
Fax: 886-7-8158312
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