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Jinan Linteng Forging Machinery Co., Ltd.


Cross Wedge Rolling Mill
Posted Date: 23/09/2014 
Expired Date: 24/09/2020
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Subject Cross Wedge Rolling Mill
Product Machines: pavers / finishers / spreaders / presses / rope / cable-making / humidifiers / vacuum cleaners / robots; Molds for metal foundry; bases / patterns (exc ingot) for carbides / glass / mineral / rubber / plastics
Product Code D54
Product Description Cross Wedge rolling mill is a highly efficient production processing technology of shaft forging, particularly suitable for rolling with the various steps shaft which is almost close to the final product shape required by customer, highly material utilization; which could allows blank to get an accurate distribution when used to mold forging billet, D46 series cross wedge rolling mill characteristics, compact conformation, nice appearance, small occupation area. Being equipped with brakes and clutch, which can achieve a continuous, semi-automatic single together with adjusting the operating mode; mounted worm and worm gear on the roller up and down linear movement to adjust the spacing of the roller. The following roll rotary motion by the phase adjusting mechanism in the gear box can be to adjust the phase of the mold; according to some overload protection device, make sure the security of the machine. The mill not only rolling a variety of large and medium-sized shaft, but also can be used as a forging production line system molding equipment for the forging process precision billets.
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