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Shandong Express Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.


Tableware Shrink Packaging Machine4525(for Tableware)
Posted Date: 11/09/2013 
Expired Date: 01/09/2018
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Subject Tableware Shrink Packaging Machine4525(for Tableware)
Product Packaging services
Product Description Tableware shrink packaging machine4525(for tableware)
The future development of packaging industry, the main theme of drunk machinery - Automatic Filling Machine.

Our company products include:Oil filling machine, Liquid filling machine, Paste filling machine, ect.

Machine name :jet shrink packaging machine4525(for tableware)
Machine type :4525
1. it Is currently the exclusive use of air-jet principle to shrink packaging equipment, save energy and efficient (saving more than 15%);
2. Shrinkage temperature and motor drive speed stability and adjustable, and a wide range of adjustment
3. Product life markedly improved compared with similar products, jet heat shrink packaging machine suitable for PVC, POF, PP shrink film for shrink packaging, etc.
4. Due to the unique jet principle to shrink packaging, to solve the ordinary POF shrink film shrink packaging machine Packaging result is not satisfactory, avoid folding phenomenon.
on demand transportation methods are divided into two kinds , belt type and chain type.
Main technical parameters
Voltage : 220v/380v
Power : 8KW
Load : 10KG
Furnace Size (mm) : 900*450*250
Overall dimension (mm ) 1200*610*1240
transmission speed : 0-10m/min
the weight : 90KG
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