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Exported Rice Inspection Services In Vietnam
Posted Date: 17/03/2010 
Expired Date: 28/08/2168
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Subject Exported Rice Inspection Services In Vietnam
Product Other services
Product Code aimcontrol@hotmail.com, aimcontrol@vnn.vn, inspection@aimcontrolgroup.com, cell: +84903615612
Product Description Exported Rice Inspection services in Vietnam. email: aimcontrol@hotmail.com, cell: +84903615612

We are providing Exported Rice Inspection services in Vietnam consisitng of:
- Laboratory Services On Quality White
- Supervision during loading on quantity, weight & bags
- Inspections Commercial Inspection
- Survey on Hold or Hatch Survey
- Fumigation Services
Please kindly review the explanations:
Our laboratory facilities for rice testing include state of the art scientific equipment for both physical and chemical analysis. Our testing methods include:
Grain measuring (physical analysis).
Alkali testing.
Cooking test for Hommali Rice
Chemical testing for amylase content using a Spectrophotometer.
Tincture testing to determine the glutinous rice mixing in Parboiled Rice.
Crop chemical testing to determine the crop’s age.
Our lab technicians have expert knowledge and experience which ensures accuracy and precision in our analysis.

Supervision of the packing and marking of bags.
Weight verification on a minimum of 10% of the total amount shipped.
Quality verification on a minimum of 2% randomly selected.
Supervision at warehouse and during loading.
Daily reconciliation reports.
Immediate notification of discrepancies with corrective action taken prior to notification.

Free from dirt, odors, cargo residues, foreign matter or infestations.
Watertight and safe for consignment.
The assurance that your consignment will be transported in a clean and safe manner.
Minimal risk of loss or damage to your consignment during shipping and storage.
Anticipation and avoidance of potential problems.

Inspection Services:
All agricultural commodities including:
Rice, Sugar, Coffee Beans, Pulse, Maize, Sesame, Tapioca Flour
Ensure the grain is not water damaged, contaminated or heated
Observation of loss due to demurrage or dead-freight.
Replacement of all packaging damaged during loading.
Checking seal quality of all repackaging damaged before reloading.
Ensure all holds are clean, dry, odorless and fit for loading.
Ensure the commodities are fully loading on board.

We inspect that all transportation standards are of the highest quality.

Type of floor, wood/steel.
Condition of sides/bulkheads.
Amount/type of damage
Any damp or wet areas.
Overall cleanliness.
Nationality of vessel.
Condition of all ventilators.
Will D/tanks be used for cargo or ballast?
Cargo plan.
Hold capacities.
Type of hatch or cover sealing.
Air/gas holes or potential leakage.
Condition of floor.
Pct of cargo battens
Previous cargo.
Year built.
Type of ventilation.
Dunnage supplied.
Type of hatch cover.
Condition of sealing.
Position of holes.
Water tightness survey of vessel’s hatch.
To ensure the goods you are purchasing are transported from the field to their final location at the highest quality.


Tel : +84-8-3832-7204

Fax : +84-8-3832-8393

Cell : +84903615612

E-mail: aimcontrol@vnn.vn; ceo@aimcontrolgroup.com

MSN : aimcontrol@hotmail.com

Skype: aimcontrol

ADD: 45, Street 03, Ward 04, District 03, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Contact Person: Dr Capt. Nguyen Te Nhan     Contact Now
Job Title: General Director
Address: 45, St. 03, Ward 04, Dist. 03, Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam (45, Đường số 3 , Phường 04, Quận 3, Tp. HCM)
Telephone: 84-8-38327204
Fax: 84-8-38328393
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