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Posted Date: 17/03/2010 
Expired Date: 27/03/2019
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Subject Rice
Product Other services
Product Code rice
Product Description Inspection and Testing of Rice

According the needs and requirements of our clients, the inspection or expertise offered by the agricultural division of AIM Control Group. Can cover one or several of the following services :
• Verification and supervision of the goods at loading or discharge (vessel, rake, container, trucks, etc.)
• Ascertainment of the weight (by mechanical/volumetric methods or by draft survey)
• Sampling as per international standards
• Quality inspection (condition of the cargo, physical parameters and organoleptic analysis)
• Quality analysis / Testing at laboratory
• Cleanliness inspections (hatches, containers, wagons, etc. before loading the goods)
• Tally (during loading or discharge)
Other services based on the above-mentioned activities or based on inspection and/or expertise of agricultural commodities upon request
We would like to inform you of our specialisation in the worldwide wherein we have with continuous research in collaboration with the Vietnamese & International research institutes developed new expertise and capabilities in the last few years. Our role as an inspection and testing agency is not only to analyse the traditional parameters of Vietnamese & International rice like moisture, broken, yellow kernels, damaged/discoloured kernels, red/red-streaked kernels, foreign matter, etc., but to identify the pure Vietnamese & International kernels from the rest (admixture). Many methods have been employed to discriminate Vietnamese & International from other varieties such as visual appearance, cooking analysis, etc.
Till today one of the most dependable methods to check adulteration of rice for the low grade varieties of rice was the conventional grand mother’s method, i.e. the cooking test. After cooking the kernels are segregated according to their elongation in length and widening in breadth (it is this highest elongation in length and lowest widening in breadth after cooking that gives Vietnamese & International the slender appearance on the platter). However, this test alone doesn’t give 100 % reliability, because of the development and introduction of new seeds very close to the traditional varieties of Vietnamese & International rice. The cooking test must be carried out jointly with another test called Alkali Digestion Test. This test indicates the type and degree of disintegration of the starchy endosperm of the kernels, on that basis the kernels are rated on a seven-point numerical scale (each variety has a different position on the numerical scale).
Apart from admixture (of other varieties of rice), an inspection of Vietnamese & International rice is especially important for the weight, packing and marking of the bags/packages especially when Vietnamese & International rice is exported in consumer packs of 5, 10, 20 and 25, 35, 50 kgs with grade 100%, 25%, 20%, 15%, 10% & 5% broken.
The inspections of Vietnamese & International rice are usually carried out as per the grades/standards stipulated by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of Vietnamese & International for brown, parboiled and raw Vietnamese & International rice meant for export. However, Vietnamese & International rice analysis can also be carried out as per customized specifications or type-samples approved and sealed by the buyers (the samples drawn at the time of inspection and the type-samples are compared on the basis of Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of Vietnamese & International parameters).

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