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Pre Loading Survey Services In Vietnam
Posted Date: 19/10/2010 
Expired Date: 31/03/2129
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Subject Pre Loading Survey Services In Vietnam
Product Other services
Product Code loading survey
Product Description Pre Loading Survey, loading survey services in Vietnam:

Pre – Loading Inspection
We are an Independent Inspection, Independent Inspection control, Independent quality assurance, Independent Inspection services, Independent Expediting, Testing, QA/QC, Independent Marine survey, Certificate in Vietnam, Anywhere of Countries as well as Independent surveyors, Independent inspectors to protect your merchandise in good condition to destination. Email: aimcontrol@hotmail.com, cell: +84903615612, www.aimcontrolgroup.com
Pre – Loading Inspection for Dry Bulk Cargoes

- Inspection/survey to preparation, stowage & survey
- Inspection/survey to hold cleaning - preparing a ship for grain
- Inspection/survey to dunnage
- Testing weather-tight integrity of dry cargo vessels’ hatch covers
- Inspection/survey Loading, stowage
- Cargo pre-loading surveys
- Lashing and securing deck cargoes
- Fumigation of ships and their cargoes
- Photography
- Preparing cargo plans - structural limitations
- Stowage of break bulk cargo (general cargo)
- Air changes - ventilation of cargo compartments
- The silver nitrate test
- Measurement of bulk cargoes - draught surveys

Inspection/survey to importation of genetically modified material into Europe

Inspection/survey to Agricultural Products:

- Karnal bunt
- Moisture migration and surface ventilation
- Refined (crystal) sugar
- Carriage of Potatoes
- Carriage of Cocoa

Inspection/survey to Ores & Minerals
- Coal cargoes
- Direct reduced iron
- Mineral ore concentrates and other materials which may liquefy
- Sulphur cargoes

Inspection/survey to Steel & Other Metals

- Carriage of steel
- Hot rolled steel sheeting
- Securing shipments of steel by flexible metal band
- Stowing and securing steel slabs
- Scrap metal

Inspection/survey to Timber & Forestry Products

- Carriage of forestry products
- Packaged timber deck cargoes - dangerous densities
- Timber deck cargoes
- The carriage of wood pellets

Pre – Loading Inspection for Bulk cargoes - liquid

- Bulk oil cargoes - shortage and contamination claim
- Liquid natural oils, fats and fatty products
- Samples and sampling in the carriage of bulk liquid cargoes
- Biofuels: Marine transport, handling and storage issues

Pre – Loading Inspection for Containers

- Atmosphere-controlled containers
- pharmaceuticals in temperature-controlled containers
- Agricultural products in non-refrigerated containers
- Refrigerated containers

Inspection/survey to Cargoes stuffing/loading into containers

- Thiourea Dioxide
- Expandable polymeric beads
- Calcium hypochlorite
- Cargo damage - the causes
- Coffee
- Dangerous goods
- The perils of waste shipments in freight containers
- Flexi tanks
- Heavy containers over light containers
- Securing of containers on deck
- Containers in non-cellular ships
- container crime
- container top safety
- stuffing and stacking containers
- Substandard components and cargo worthiness

Pre – Loading Inspection for Refrigerated Cargoes

- Carriage instructions for refrigerated cargoes
- Fresh fruit and vegetables
- Table grapes
- Frozen fish on reefer vessels and in containers
- Meat and meat products in containers

Pre – Loading Inspection for Gas Cargoes

- The carriage of gas
- Liquefied natural gas

Pre – Loading Inspection for Miscellaneous

- Agricultural produce - insect infestation and fumigation
- Fishmeal cargoes - self heating and fires
- Hydrogen Sulphid
- Palletised cargoes
- Radioactive cargoes
- Radioactive uranium hexafluoride (UF6)
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Tel : +84-8-3832-7204
Fax : +84-8-3832-8393
Cell : +84903615612
E-mail: aimcontrol@vnn.vn; aimcontrol@aimcontrolgroup.com; inspection@aimcontrolgroup.com
MSN : aimcontrol@hotmail.com
Skype: aimcontrol
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AIM Control Inspection Corp. Third Party Inspection Services in Vietnam seafood and meats inspection & quality control services in Vietnam giám định AIM Control Inspection Corp. Marine Survey, Inspection, Superintendence, surveillance, cargo checking, tally services in Vietnam
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