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Hunan Super Shoecare Co. Ltd.


Full Length Insole Of Woman
Posted Date: 31/03/2013 
Expired Date: 31/03/2026
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Subject Full Length Insole Of Woman
Product Footwear / gaiters / etc, parts thereof
Product Description Item No.:2019

Full length insole the adoption synthesizes the convex design, looking after both sides the sole, the acupuncture points massages, accepting to give bow and different symptom in etc. in heels, canning improve to combine to correct the feet department is out of characterly pressed circumstance and pressure asunder, it suit any personage on foot, climb a mountain, exercise with work hour wear.
Serial number: L-gel02
color: Transparent.( toe and heels is a blue color) Size: S, M, L (Woman)
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Job Title: Foreign Sales
Address: Huaxing Road,Hengyang,Hunan,China
Telephone: 86-1511-6808608
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