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Lithium Polymer Battery_high Rate
Posted Date: 18/04/2017 
Expired Date: 21/01/2019
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Subject Lithium Polymer Battery_high Rate
Product Primary cells / batteries, parts; Electric storage batteries, incl separators thereof; parts
Product Description SNO-353048P 20C 300mAh 60mΩ 3.8mm 30mm 48mm 9g
SNO-602436P 20C 300mAh 120mΩ 6.3mm 24mm 36mm 9g
SNO-603048P 20C 500mAh 50mΩ 6.1mm 30mm 48mm 15g
SNO-703048P 20C 800mAh 35mΩ 7.1mm 30mm 48mm 23g
SNO-703496P 20C 1500mAh 20mΩ 7.1mm 34mm 96mm 40g
SNO-753496P 20C 1700mAh 20mΩ 7.5mm 34mm 96mm 45g
SNO-7535135P 20C 3200mAh 15mΩ 7.5mm 35mm 135mm 70g
SNO-803465P 20C 1200mAh 20mΩ 8.1mm 34mm 65mm 34g
SNO-803496P 20C 1800mAh 15mΩ 8.1mm 34mm 96mm 46g
SNO-853496P 20C 2200mAh 15mΩ 8.5mm 34mm 96mm 56g
SNO-903465P 20C 1800mAh 15mΩ 9mm 34mm 65mm 67g
SNO-453496P 15C 1000mAh 35mΩ 4.6mm 34mm 96mm 26g
SNO-553496P 15C 1300mAh 35mΩ 5.6mm 34mm 96mm 33g
SNO-603465P 15C 1000mAh 40mΩ 6.1mm 34mm 65mm 26g
SNO-653496P 15C 1650mAh 30mΩ 6.5mm 34mm 96mm 41g
SNO-703496P 15C 1800mAh 30mΩ 7.1mm 34mm 96mm 43g
SNO-803255P 15C 1200mAh 30mΩ 8.2mm 32mm 55mm 32g
SNO-803496P 15C 2000mAh 30mΩ 8.0mm 34mm 96mm 49g
SNO-853496P 15C 2200mAh 30mΩ 8.6mm 34mm 96mm 53g
SNO-501417P 12C 50mAh 230mΩ 5.0mm 14mm 17mm 1.75g
SNO-551496P 12C 1500mAh 35mΩ 5.6mm 14mm 96mm 35g
SNO-573562P 12C 1000mAh 50mΩ 5.7mm 35mm 62mm 25g
SNO-653465P 12C 1200mAh 40mΩ 6.6mm 34mm 65mm 32g
SNO-703048P 12C 750mAh 50mΩ 7.0mm 30mm 48mm 18g
SNO-703465P 12C 1200mAh 40mΩ 7.0mm 34mm 65mm 27g
SNO-703496P 12C 1800mAh 30mΩ 7.0mm 34mm 96mm 46g
SNO-853496P 12C 2200mAh 30mΩ 8.5mm 34mm 96mm 55g
SNO-283048P 10C 330mAh 75mΩ 2.8mm 30mm 48mm 9g
SNO-453496P 10C 1100mAh 40mΩ 4.5mm 34mm 96mm 28g
SNO-703048P 10C 800mAh 45mΩ 7.0mm 30mm 48mm 18g
SNO-703465P 10C 1300mAh 30mΩ 7.0mm 34mm 65mm 31g
SNO-703496P 10C 1800mAh 30mΩ 7.0mm 34mm 96mm 45g
SNO-803255P 10C 1200mAh 45mΩ 8.0mm 32mm 55mm 28g
SNO-853496P 10C 2200mAh 30mΩ 8.5mm 34mm 96mm 53g
SNO-904265P 10C 2200mAh 30mΩ 9.0mm 42mm 65mm 41g
SNO-953465P 10C 1800mAh 30mΩ 9.5mm 34mm 65mm 51g
SNO-953480P 10C 2200mAh 30mΩ 9.5mm 34mm 80mm 51g
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