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Monthly News
November 2006 Newsletter  (25/12/2006) 

Outstanding Events
Foreign companies to join ECVN
In preparation for Vietnam‘s being admitted to the W.T.O and being organized the APEC meeting, the Vietnam e-Commerce Portal (ECVN) has conducted many activities to broadcast its image to foreign enterprises as well as to invite them to become members of ECVN.
The services provided by ECVN to its members attract a lot of foreign companies. By the end of November 2006, the Management Board has received a great deal of member registration documents of foreign companies. Almost 100 companies from China, India, Hong Kong, Korea, USA, and New Zealand…have admitted to ECVN.
The foreign members do business in a wide range of sectors such as electronics, transportation, construction, handicrafts…. They have posted numbers of deals opportunities at ECVN to find out their partners. These deals are very different from products, models or designs.
The Management Board assigns also its officers to support the foreign members for exploitation of ECVN’s facilities. On the other hand, the Management Board keeps intermediary role between Vietnamese members and foreign ones. In reality, the participation of foreign members makes ECVN’s activities more exciting and useful.

In November 2006, the number of member increase 300 compared in the last month including 100 foreign members, more than 70 members in the services sector and 100 members in the products sector. Especially, ECVN received the joining of companies awarded with Viet Gold Star as silver member. With the augmentation of the member, the trade leads also raise in both pages. The total number of members increases to 5000.
E-Commerce training
From 29 October to 2 November, ECVN board of management in cooperation with E-Commerce Department- Ministry of Trade organized the e-commerce course in Bac Giang, Lang Son, Bac Can. There are more than 300 trainees comes from local enterprises. The training program aims to provide trainees the overviews in e-commerce of Vietnam, the B2B e-marketplaces models and ECVN. Enterprises show the interest in E-commerce and joining in ECVN. Many question concerning to the policy environnement, role of State in the e-commerce activities, security issues and high tech violence were addressed to lecturers.
ECVN is voted as one of the top five e-commerce events of the year
2006 marked a number of hot events of Vietnam. Of which, there are the integration in WTO of Vietnam and the success in organizing APEC 14.
Considering as a new sector but very potential, e-commerce sector also has many progress. To record these results, Ministry of trade in cooperation with Vietnam Television organizes the election of the top five e-commerce events of the year. This is the first election organized at the official site of Vietnam Television www.vtv.vn.
Vietnam e-commerce Portal goes abroad” is one of 10 events selected for this selection.

Member supports
Meeting ECVN member at Hochiminh City
On December 5th, 2006, ECVN Board of Management in cooperation with E-commerce Department – Ministry of Trade and Hanoi Foreign Trade University organized two E-commerce training courses. There were more than 150 ECVN’s members attending in these courses. Through these courses, members clearly understood e-commerce, way of applying ecommerce in businesses, exploiting market information through internet, e-commerce and human resources, website www.ecvn.gov.vn also way of use and effective exploitation this website.
Members highly appreciate the role of e-commerce in integrating economy, and consider e-commerce as a useful instrument to improve competition capacity.
Support member to approach Chinese market
The www.vietnamchina.gov.vn was launched in 16th October 2006 by the Vietnam General Secretary Nong Duc Manh and China General Secretary Ho Cam Dao within the framework scope of the APEC. This is the important event of the business cooperation between Vietnam and China, in which e-commerce is considered as the most tools to link the enterprises of two countries together.
In the first month, there are 175 members registering to join as member of this website. ECVN board of management have supported to ECVN members in translating company information and trade lead into Chinese. In addition, ECVN is also the bridge connecting the business opportunities of ECVN members and Chinese enterprises.
ECVN RSS: useful information channel for members
In order to help ECVN’s members to update orders or news at ECVN without connecting directly, the ECVN Board of Management has recently implemented an information programmed under form RSS. RSS provides members with a plenty of news at ECVN including selling lead, buying lead, trade information… through My Yahoo, Google, Blog, information reading programmed and so on. RSS helps also members save much time on browsing information in ECVN.

Upcoming activities
Advertising ECVN at well-known international websites
Advertising ECVN to enterprise communities at home and abroad always is a big goal that the ECVN Board of management aims at to help its members to be more well-known. During the last time, with the assistance of more than 60 Vietnam Trade Offices, ECVN has been presented to many foreign companies. In the near future, the Board of Management continues to advertise ECVN at websites of prestigious enterprises and economic organizations in the world.

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Monthly News
·  November 2006 Newsletter  (25/12/2006)
·  October 2006 Newsletter  (15/11/2006)
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