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Monthly News
October 2006 Newsletter  (15/11/2006) 

I. Outstanding Events
Vietnam-China Trade website – The opportunities approaching Chinese market for ECVN member
To welcome the integration of Vietnam to WTO and APEC as well as the development of business relationship between Vietnam and China, two E-Commerce Departments – Ministry of Trade of two countries speeding up in launching the economy cooperation website at  www.vietnamchina.gov.vn.
The www.vietnamchina.gov.vn will be launched in 16th October 2006 by the Vietnam General Secretary Nong Duc Manh and China General Secretary Ho Cam Dao within the framework scope of the APEC. This is the important event of the business cooperation between Vietnam and China, in which e-commerce is considered as the most tools to link the enterprises of two countries together.
The board of management of Vietnam E-Commerce Portal and the E-Commerce department of 2 States are responsible for managing this website. Website will include the information concerning to the legal documents, policies, trade information and the business opportunities of each country in both languages English and Vietnamese. The legal documents, policies, trade information will be provided by two ministry of trade. Company information and trade lead information will be reserved for ECVN member. ECVN board of management will administer this information.
ECVN will support to ECVN members in translating company information and trade lead into Chinese. In addition, ECVN is also the bridge connecting the business opportunities of ECVN members and Chinese enterprises.
ECVN board of management invites ECVN members to online register www.vietnamchina.gov.vn to hold the chance to approach Chinese market.

II. Activities
In October, the trade leads increase quickly, especially in the Vietnamese page. Each day, ECVN members post and update more than 100 trade leads. The buying lead and selling lead in the service domain are various in advertising, communication, tourist, IT, etc. The number of visitors in www.ecvn.gov.vn rises rapidly.  
Launching Success Story column
In order to better support to member enterprises, especially to members who won contracts and/or found new partners through ECVN, ECVN Board of Management officially opened column: “Success story” right at the home page of website: www.ecvn.gov.vn. This column is for members having been successful through ECVN to introduce by themselves, achieved success, experiences that they would like to share…. Participating this column, member enterprises will be assisted in publicizing free of charge through vehicles of ECVN and Ministry of Trade.
After 1 week, there are more than 10 members registering to join in this column. There are the enterprises that have signed contract and found new partners through ECVN. Each enterprise has their way to success by applying e-commerce. With them, the joining in the reputable e-marketplaces like ECVN is one of most important tool to promote the image of their company and their products.
Inviting enterprises having awarded with Viet gold star to join ECVN
In order to support to enterprises having awarded with Viet gold star to apply E-commerce, ECVN and E-commerce Department – Ministry of trade have invited them to join ECVN. In 2004 – 2005, more than 100 enterprises having awarded with Viet gold star have became ECVN members. In 2006, ECVN board of management continued to send invitation letter and send ECVN staffs to supports these enterprises.

Member supports
E-Commerce Training course
At the end of October, ECVN Board of management organized 7 courses on basic e-commerce reserved members in North region. With the participations of 200 trainees, the course happened very actively. Base on the comments of members after each course, the content of training is progressively improved to better satisfy the demands on e-commerce of members. In December, ECVN board of management will organize 2 courses in Hochiminh city. ECVN member who want to take a part in this course can contact ECVN board of management of online register at www.ecvn.gov.vn for more detail about the schedule and the further information.

Upcoming activities
Inviting Chilean enterprises to join ECVN
During the past time, the business information sent by Vietnam trade office oversea help ECVN members to have more chances to approach the foreign market. In the next time, with the support of Vietnam Trade office in Chile, ECVN board of management will invite more than 200 Chilean enterprises to join ECVN.

5. Success story
Smart Software Investment & Development Corporation 

Member type: Bronze
We registered member of ECVN immediately after receiving information about it (on August, 2006).
At present, SSOFT is just bronze member, but we received much support from ECVN. Our business effectiveness brought by e-commerce show that ECVN is becoming a core part of our business strategy.
Our company’s information is updated frequently and completely at the website: www.ecvn.gov.vn, so that we have not to spend much time and money in marketing, advertising. And our prestige is clearly confirmed: customers know us and believe in us; SSOFT has more clients, and wins more contracts (we made 4 deals and some others are going to become effective via ECVN). These initial achievements are not big now, but they showed importance of e-commerce, of being member of ECVN.

Company information:
Smart Software Investment & Development Corporation was established in 2005 and now is becoming a prestigious company in Vietnamese software market for the purpose of applying most effectively information technology to managing and developing trade activities of every enterprise. SSOFT always improves its products and services to satisfy customers. The operation rule of SSOFT is: Professional makes difference!

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