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Success Story
i3 Network Systems  (04/05/2007) 
Tin tuc "We quickly find that ECVN is a prestigious e-market place and is the most dynamic information portal in Vietnam"

Member: Mr. Dao Kim Hoang
Job title: Director
Member’s type: Gold
Being member of ECVN since the first days of operation, and becoming gold member at the second member upgrading give us many business advantages. ECVN bring us much practical benefit. We quickly find that ECVN is a prestigious e-marketplace and is the most dynamic information portal in Vietnam.
I3 Network System got many achievements via market development strategy through ECVN trade support: fifteen partners, besides hundreds of clients, contact us and cooperate with us in form of Market Development Strategy Partner in IT field.
Typically, a partner from the United – States, Zoho CRM (http://www.zohocrm.com), a supplier of Customer Relationship Management – CRM selected us as a market development strategy partner in Vietnam. And this is a chance to help Vietnamese enterprises approach modern CRM technology.

i3 Network Systems

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