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Monthly News
September 2006 Newsletter  (16/10/2006) 
I. Outstanding Events
            Colloquy between the vice minister with ECVN members on occasion of anniversary of one year operation
On 21st September, 2006, The ECVN Board of Management held the first anniversary of ECVN and second member upgrading certificate award ceremony. Standing vice Minister Phan The Rue with representatives of: Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency, Vietnam Trade Information Center – Ministry of Trade, members of ECVN and the Medias attended this ceremony.
In this member upgrading stage, ECVN Board of Management verified 18 enterprises which were upgraded from bronze to silver member, and 13 enterprises from silver to gold member. Standing vice Minister paid a personal awarded member upgrading certificate to upgraded enterprises at the ceremony.
Also at this ceremony, representatives reviewed together achievements in one year of activities of ECVN. And the greatest success is contributing in increasing Vietnamese enterprises’ awareness of e-commerce importance in integrating economy, skill how to apply effectively e-commerce in business…
According to survey report which was carried out in August 2006 for 181 members, there were 30 signed contracts worth more than 8 billions VND, 114 member that found potential partners (make up 63% of surveyed members). And this report showed that almost all members (76%) highly appreciated quality of ECVN’s online – offline support activities (good and excellence).
On this occasion, Mr. Phan The Rue held a talk with enterprises about issues: orienting enterprises in applying e-commerce, improving and hastening e-CoSys process, development direction for ECVN…
In order to better contribute for Vietnamese e-commerce development, objectives of ECVN in next stage are:
-          Promoting the support in service field, especially in insurance, bank, forwarding, and consultancy.
-          In cooperation with Ministry of Trade and related organizations, providing online public services and its initial point is eCoSys.
-          Continuing to upgrade utilities at website www.ecvn.gov.vn
-          Intensifying direct supports for ECVN’s members
-          Furthering activities of cooperation with Vietnam Foreign Trade Office.
With above objectives, ECVN will be an important channel for Vietnamese enterprises on the way of international economic integration.
II. Activities
In September, the number of trade leads increase up to 4000 in both page English and Vietnamese. The number of member also increases to 1000. It shows the eventful business activities of ECVN members in the last months of 2006.
ECVN Board of Management continued to receive much information on business activities and Vietnamese partners from foreign companies through Vietnam trade offices. That’s the reliable information from the Japanese, Canadian markets. ECVN Board of Management selected and sent the convenient information to members. Members can contact directly foreign partners to hold these opportunities. In case necessary, ECVN Board of Management in cooperate with Vietnam Trade Office in overseas will support ECVN members.
Seminar on E-commerce and ECVN at AgroViet 2006 - International Trade Fair on Agricultural products”
In order to impulse the applying E-Commerce in the agricultural sector, on 17th September 2006, at “AgroViet 2006 - International Trade Fair on Agricultural products” ECVN board of management in the cooperation with Promotion and Exhibition Fair Center - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development organized the seminar on introducing E-Commerce and ECVN.   Seminar has the participation of more than 80 representatives coming from enterprises and agencies in the agricultural sector. At seminar, many questions concerning to tools in ECVN, E-Commerce policies, e – payment, etc were addressed to ECVN representatives.
Member supports
E-commerce training free of charge for ECVN members
As informed in August Newsletter, beginning from September, ECVN board of Management organize e-commerce training free of charge. In September, there were 4 courses organized with more than 100 trainees from 80 members. The main contents of these training courses are the overview of E-commerce, the skills of searching information in Internet, the importance of E-commerce, etc. Those are the chance to meet and exchange experiences between ECVM members.
The agenda and documents of E-Commerce training course will usually updated in www.ecvn.gov.vn
Upcoming activities
Support members signed contract through ECVN
The main objective of ECVN is help ECVN member to find new partners, to sign new contracts. To promote ECVN member signed contract through ECVN, ECVN Board of Management have pleasure to inform the promoting program for ECVN member signed contract through ECVN:
  1. To confirm that member signed contract through ECVN
-          Through ECVN, a new partner contacted member (via email, fax, telephone, ECVN site, Vietnam trade office, etc)
-          Through ECVN, a new partner knows a product of ECVN member and after negotiating the two parties signed contract.
  1. The supports from ECVN Board of Management
ECVN Board of Management will promote ECVN member signed contract free of charge via:
a/ Through ECVN
-          Post company logo and company products at the home page of www.ecvn.gov.vn
-          Save a space of ECVN News letter and others ECVN publications to promote products/services of member.
-          Promote member at E-commerce courses and seminars
b/ Through Ministry of Trade of Vietnam
-          Introduce as a success story example in E-Commerce report wrote by E-Commerce Department, Ministry of Trade.
-          In Vietbiz Magazine published by Trade Promotion Department
-          In Trade Program Television in VTV1, VTV2 and VTV4 channels
c/ Through others medias
3. Business information privacy
To ensure the equal competition and business privacy of member, ECVN board of Management engage in only using the information that member provides and agrees to publish.
 4. Registration
Members can register online to join in “Success stories” column. No later than 5 days after receiving the registration, ECVN Board of management will contact member representative to carry out the promotion activities.
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