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Monthly News
August 2006 Newsletter  (19/09/2006) 
I. Outstanding Events
ECVN Activities results in the first operation year
In August 2006, in occasion of the first year of operation, ECVN Board of Management carried out a survey on business effect of ECVN members through ECVN. This survey aim on estimating the activities results and on collecting the comments of members in order to better support ECVN members in the next time. Members can take a part the survey by sending fax to ECVN board of Management or by the survey online in www.ecvn.gov.vn. The contents of survey concerning to some important criterions like the number of sales contract signing through ECVN, the value of these contracts, the number of partners finding through ECVN and the comments of ECVN members on the supports of ECVN board of Management by last year.
More than 180 ECVN members take a part of this survey. The tables following provide some considerable information of this survey:
Table 1: Business effect
Criteria Quantity (%)
The number of members who signed sales contract through ECVN 16 8.8
The number of members who found partners through ECVN 114 63,3
The number of sales contracts signed through ECVN 30  
Table 2: Support quality of ECVN Board of Management

Through this survey, ECVN board of management received a lot of comments by ECVN members that will help ECVN board of management to improve the supports for ECVN members.

II. Activities
In the last month, the activities of ECVN members were very active. The number of trade leads augmented very fast in both of Vietnamese and English page. Up to the end of August, the amount of buying leads and selling leads achieved 3000. The number of members gained 900. With this growth, this number will pass the number of 1000 members. The ranking of www.ecvn.gov.vn on alexa.com was 38142, up to 4000 compared to the last month.
List of upgraded members – Period 2, 2006 
As informed in the July Newsletter, in order to support members in enhancing company reputation through ECVN, ECVN Board of Management carried out Member Upgrading Program. The upgrading bases on 2 criterions: the number of trade leads that ECVN member posted on www.ecvn.gov.vn and the number of sales contracts and the numbers of partners that ECVN member found through ECVN.
Please click here to find out the list of upgraded members – Period 2/2006
III. Member support
E-commerce training for more than 100 staffs of enterprises directly under the Ministry of Defense 

On August 18, 2006, The ECVN Board of Management in cooperation with Department of Economics – Ministry of Defense and Foreign Trade University organized a free training course about E-commerce for enterprises directly under the Ministry of Defense. Participate in this course, there were more than 100 staffs from more than 30 enterprises, not only from Hanoi but from other provinces.

This course brought participants a general concept about E-commerce, E-commerce development situation in the world and Viet Nam, especially E-commerce application in enterprises. To help participants to more deeply understand about E-commerce application, the course also introduced ECVN’s activities model, way of use and effective exploitation of website: www.ecvn.gov.vn. After this course, ECVN board of management received many desired feed back from trainees.
E-Commerce training in 5 Central provinces 
From 14 to 18 of August, 2006, ECVN Board of Management in cooperation with E-commerce Department – Ministry of Trade, and Trade Services in 5 Central provinces: Hue, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen organized E-commerce training courses for enterprises directly under province, and local state managing officials.
The main target of this course is to present to trainees subjects as follows:
·         Overview of E-commerce
·         E-commerce developing tendency in the world
·         E-commerce deploying experience in enterprises
·         Presentation about E-marketplaces in the world
·         Presentation about Vietnam E-commerce Portal and trade skills on ECVN.
There were 500 trainees in total attending in these courses. These training courses helped attendants to catch basic acknowledges about E-commerce as well as E-commerce application situation in over the world, at the same time to improve E-commerce application in provinces
IV. Upcoming activities
E-commerce training free of charge for ECVN members
From September 2006, ECVN board of management will organize e-commerce training free of charge. The training will be on each Tuesday at ECVN training room. To ensure the quality of course, the maximum number of trainees is 25.
In this training course, ECVN members will be provided documents, manual on E-commerce. After the course, trainees will receive the Certificate of E-Commerce issued by ECVN board of management.
Seminar on introducing and inviting enterprises joining ECVN at “ AgroViet 2006 - International Trade Fair on Agricultural products”
At “AgroViet 2006 - International Trade Fair on Agricultural products” organized annually in the middles of September, ECVN board of management in the cooperation with Promotion and Exhibition Fair Center - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will organize the seminar on introducing E-Commerce and ECVN.   Seminar will have the participation of more than 300 representatives coming from enterprises and agencies the agricultural sector. This is the good chance to approach e-commerce for agricultural enterprises.
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