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Monthly News
July 2006 Newsletter  (15/08/2006) 

I. Outstanding Events

Signing contract worth more than VND through ECVN

Viet Nam Industrial Equipment and Technology Investment Joint Stock Company (Vintec) have joined in ECVN as bronze member since 26/4/2006. Being a small company with less than 10 staffs, Vintec specialize to supply the machine and technology for the sector of construction, health, transportation, etc...

During the last 3 months, Vintec was one of ECVN active members. Everyday, Mr. Do Anh Dao – Sales Manager spent 5 minutes to update company information and post their trade leads in ECVN. Together with the strong support of ECVN Board of Management, these efforts helped Vintec to gain great results. Following is the sales statistics of Vintec up to 29/7/2006:

-          Vintec signed 15 sales contracts with the partners finded through ECVN

-          The total amount of these 15 sales contracts is 385.000 USD (more than 6 milliards VND)

-          Vintec built the business cooperation with 120 partners through ECVN.


The success of Vintec show the potential benefits that E-Commerce brings to the enterprises: It’s to help enterprises in any scale to expand market.


Member Upgrading stage 2 of 2006 (07/20/2006)

In order to better support active members, ECVN Board of Management has started to carry out ECVN Member upgrading stage 2 of 2006 from 17th July, 2006 to 15th August, 2006. The ceremony to pronounce upgraded members will be held at the end of August of 2006 on the occasion of one year official operation of ECVN. Minister of Trade, Truong Dinh Tuyen will chair this ceremony.

1. From Silver member  to  Gold member

- Posting complete company profile in both English and Vietnamese pages

- Posting logo (if any)

- Posting at least 20 active business opportunities in goods field and 10 ones in services field.

- Updating business filed according to goods or services (HS, CPC codes)

- Getting national or international awards relating to its company or products.

- Finding new partners and contracts with great values through ECVN.

2. From Bronze member  to Silver member

- Posting complete company profile in both English and Vietnamese pages

- Posting logo (if any)

- Posting at least 10 active business opportunities in goods field and 5 ones in     services field.

- Updating business filed according to goods or services (HS, CPC codes)

- Getting regional or provincial awards relating to its company or products.

- Finding new partners and contracts through ECVN.

·               Final decision for member upgrading is made by ECVN Board of Management

·               On 21st August, 2006, ECVN Board of Management will pronounce upgraded members

II. Activities


In July, the ranking of www.ecvn.gov.vn on Alexa was 41646, up to 3000 compared to the last month. The augmentation of the number of visitors to www.ecvn.gov.vn also increased, especially foreign visitors. It shown that ECVN are attracting the attention of many foreign enterprises.

Apart from the new members from big city like Hanoi, Haiphong, Hochiminh City, ECVN Board of Management also received Registration confirmation of enterprises from Lam Dong, Tay Ninh province, etc…

E-commerce training in three South – Central provinces and East Highland 

From 10th to 15th July 2006, The ECVN Board of Management in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade organized an E-commerce training course in three South – Central provinces and East Highland: Binh Thuan, Ninh Thuan, and Lam Dong. Trainees of this course are state managing officials from local services and enterprises. Trainers are e-commerce experts of the Ministry, ECVN Board of Management and representatives of enterprises who were successful in e-commerce trade. In present situation of locates, these courses are appreciated very effective.

In Binh Thuan, Ninh Thuan, Lam Dong provinces, in theses courses, there are 400 trainees including representatives of state managing offices in localities and enterprises. Therefore, this is a good chance that helps trainees to catch elementary acknowledgements about e-commerce as well as ecommerce application situation in over the world, at the same time, to contribute improving e-commerce application in provinces that are base of Vietnam e-commerce development.

Viet Nam trading promotion in Chile 

To operate national main point trading promotion Programme in South America, Vietnamese Embassy and Trade Office in Chile in cooperation with Chilean Asia Pacific Chamber of Commerce – APCC organized a workshop under the title: “Viet Nam – destination of new century”.

The workshop took place on 14th of July 2006 in Santiago – Capital of Chile. Viet Nam Delegation included: Mr. Nguyen Van Dao, Ambassador Extraordinary Plenipotentiary in Chile; Mr. Nguyen Dai Ban, First secretary of Embassy; Viet Nam Trade Office in Chile and National Trading Promotion Delegation leaded by vice director of Trade Policy Department for the Americas, Mr. Nguyen Van Binh with 14 businesses. Representatives from Chile included: Mr. Alberto Van Klaveren, Vice Secretary of State, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs; Mr. Octavio Erazurriz, Vice President of APCC; Mr. Francisco Saez – President of Viet Nam - Chile Commerce Chamber; Embassy of Australia, Commercial Counsellor of Idia, and Diplomatic Officers of Indonesia, Thailand,… in Chile with 200 chilean businesses operating in export - import areas.

In the framework of the workshop, enterprises of the two countries had a lot of meetings and transactions. After 3 days of workshop and direct transactions, there were many Vietnamese commodities that belong to groups: rice, garments, handicrafts, footwear… accepted and ordered. Specially, two Chilean partners operating in travel reached an agreement with PIE - JSC Ha Noi in sending tourists to Viet Nam and South East Asian Nations.

Before and after the workshop, Viet Nam Trade Office in Chile instructed Chilean enterprises to access website of Viet Nam E-Commerce Portal (ECVN).

III. Member support

Organizing a matching between ECVN’s gold member and a New Zealandish enterprise 

On July 14th, 2006, ECVN Board of Management as the role of a bridge between national and foreign enterprises organized a matching between Sanmiguel Yanamura Hai Phong Glass Co.,Ltd – ECVN’s gold member and ALEXANDERS OF KAIAPOI Co., Ltd – recommended by Viet Nam Trade Office in New Zealand. Sanmigel Yamamura‘s working style and competence were highly appreciated by ALEXANDERS OF KAIAPOI Ltd of New Zealand. After this matching, Mr. Richard Macdonald - Director of New Zealandish company sent a thanking letter to ECVN Board of Management and said that: “My visit to Viet Nam this time is very successful. I believe that the relationship with Vietnamese enterprises will progress more and more ”

In the time coming, more and more foreign partners want to, through ECVN, approach Vietnamese enterprises, and find suppliers. Therefore, businesses should update productions that are strong point of yourselves to facilitate task of recommendation and matching organization of ECVN.

Matching between Malaysian business delegation and ECVN gold members operating in handicraft area 

July 18, 2006, ECVN Board of Management organized a matching between Malaysian business delegation and ECVN gold members operating in handicraft area.

There were 5 representatives of ECVN gold members: Hanoi Trade Corporation (Hapro), Viet Nam handicraft and art Articles Export – Import National Corporation (Artexport), Production trading of Fine handicraft for Export Co.ltd (Mitexco), Doan Ket Production and Export & Import Co.ltd, Thuan Hung Co.ltd. The Malaysian business delegation included representatives from The Government of Perlis, lead by Chief Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Shahidan Kassim.

This is free meeting organized by ECVN in order to help Vietnamese enterprises to improve trading to Malaysian market.

Within the framework of the matching, enterprises of the two sides learned about and exchanged each other directly in desire of finding out partners for their export – import market. After that, ECVN staffs guided Malaysian delegation to handicraft showrooms and manufactories of Vietnamese enterprises.

This is one of support activities of ECVN for members in order to improve trading relationship between Vietnamese and foreign businesses.

E-commerce training for Ha Noi Trade Corporation 

ECVN Board of Management in cooperation with E-commerce Department – Ministry of Trade and Foreign Trade University organized an e-commerce training course for staffs of Hapro. This course is organized on demand of Hapro steering committee. Attending this course, there were more than 30 key staffs of Hapro.

The course included 2 classes with main contents as follows:

 The first class:

·         E-commerce overview

·         E-marketing

·         Viet Nam E-commerce Portal

The second class:

·               Identify e-commerce application model in enterprises

·               B2B e-commerce

·               To Build and manage website of enterprises

The course helps manager of the corporation to define a concrete and effective strategy of e-commerce investment and development, at the same time to equip officers with basic acknowledgement about e-commerce.

The course was organized free of charge in head office of the ECVN

IV. Coming activities

Commemorating Anniversary of 1 year

On occasion of Anniversary of 1 year 26/8/2005 – 26/8/2006, ECVN Board of Management will organize commemoration of anniversary in ECVN office. The minister of Ministry of Trade will preside over this commemoration with the participation of ECVN member’s representatives and journalists from many reputable Vietnamese journals. Inventively, this ceremony contains the main contents as follows:

1.             Summarizing one year of operation

2.             Awarding the decision to the members upgraded

3.             Colloquy between The minister and ECVN members

E-Commerce training

From 10th to 15th July 2006, The ECVN Board of Management in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade organized an E-commerce training course in five Central provinces: Hue, Quang Nam, Binh Dinh, Quang Ngai and Phu Yen. ECVN Board of Management will invite gold members in these 5 provinces to join this training course.

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