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June 2006 Newsletter  (06/07/2006) 

I. Outstanding Events

 Training members

 In order to support gold members who have not posted business opportunities and guide them how to use utilities on ECVN, in June, ECVN Board of Management and E-commerce Department continue to have a meeting with gold members in Hanoi, Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, Hai Duong, Hung Yen and Hai Phong. ECVN Board of Management also provide members with information relating to e-commerce development situations in Vietnam as well as promulgating ec-commerce decree and e-commerce application of ECVN members.  

 According to requirements of some members, in the coming time, ECVN Board of Management will hold many e-commerce training courses in the training room of ECVN Board of Management at 25 Ba Trieu Building, Hanoi. The content will include e-commerce application skills of companies as well as e-commerce launching experiences of some famous groups in the world. Those training courses will enable members to have right orientations for their e-commerce development. All gold and silver members of ECVN having demands for training can register directly with ECVN Board of Management.

 II. Activities


In June, members of ECVN have a lot of attracting activities. The number of business opportunities in both goods and service sectors increases rapidly. To be particular, the number of business opportunities on the English page was on an increase. That reflects the dramatic e-commerce application tendency in export activities of members. Foreign members start to post business opportunities on ECVN. Board of Management verifies ten companies’ profiles on average to admit new members.  

Together with the number of increased business opportunities and ranking of ECVN on Alexa.com was over 7,000 steps compared to last month. The ranking of www.ecvn.gov.vn was 44,781 on 25th June, 2006. The event that ECVN was on top 50,000 leading websites in the world will mark ECVN notable e-commerce development as well as show the companies’ interests. With this position, ECVN has been considered as the top b2b e-marketplace in Vietnam.

Over the past two months, some press agencies have sent their reporters to meet some staffs of ECVN to collect fees. While working, those staffs quoted and introduced the relationships of them with ECVN unclearly, which made some members misunderstand that they were working with ECVN’s staffs. ECVN Board of Management make a notice that above-mentioned situation. Currently, ECVN provide services for all members free of charge. 

Inviting member companies of some big corporations to join ECVN

In the meeting with gold members in Hanoi, ECVN Board of Management has had opportunities to meet gold members which are big corporations. ECVN Board of Management in cooperation with corporations to invite their member companies to be silver members of ECVN. Being silver members of ECVN will help member companies to use e-commerce benefits to save transaction costs and enhance their competitiveness.

III. Member support

Supporting coffee trading and producing companies in advertising in Vietbiz Magazine

Since April, 2006, every two months, ECVN Board of Management in cooperation with Vietnam Trade Promotion Department (Vietrade) - Ministry of Trade support members with potential products of Vietnam in advertising on Vietbiz Magazine in English. In June, Board of Management helped coffee trading and producing members to introduce their products on Vietbiz. Through that magazine, companies’ images and products will be diffused to government agencies, embassies, Vietnam trade representative offices and other trade promotion agencies as well as domestic and foreign business communities.

Improvement on business opportunities posting

While having meetings with members, ECVN Board of Management has collected many feedbacks and comments to further improve utilities on ECVN so that it is easier for members to use them. Over the past time, ECVN Board of Management has improved business opportunities posting.

Providing lists of members for international economic organizations

Recently, through introductions of Vietnam trade representative offices in foreign countries and international economic organizations, ECVN’s reputation in foreign countries has been improved. Everyday, ECVN Board of Management receive a lot of information on seeking products and partners from domestic and foreign companies. Board of Management requently carefully chose and introduces reputable members to partners. Through this cooperation, members’ images are widely introduced in international arena.

IV. Coming activities

Introducing ECVN and holding training courses for members in the South and Highlands

Since 10 to 14th July 2006, Board of Management will be in cooperation with E-commerce Department hold e-commerce training courses for members in Binh Thuan, Ninh Thuan and Lam Dong Province. Within the scope of this course, Board of Management will introduce ECVN and utilities on ECVN for members. In particular, Board of Management will invite member companies in the above-mentioned provinces to take part in those courses. That is a good chance for Board of Management to directly support members in those areas.

Introducing ECVN in Trade Promotion Seminars in Chile

Within the scope of trade promotion seminars in Chile at the end of June and early July, 2006 held by Latin America Department – Ministry of Trade, ECVN Board of Management will introduce ECVN’s members towards economic organizations and business communities in Chile. Chile is a very potential market for many Vietnamese exports. ECVN introduction in that Seminar will create favorable conditions for trade transactions between ECVN members and Chile companies.

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