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Monthly News
May 2006 Newsletter  (14/06/2006) 

I. Outstanding event

Having a working visit to gold member’s offices in Hanoi

In order to more actively encourage gold members to join Vietnam E-commerce Portal (ECVN), since May, ECVN Board of Management in cooperation with E-commerce Department – Ministry of Trade have carried out gold member training programs at the spot in Hanoi first. Officers of ECVN and E-commerce Department have gone to members’ offices to guide member representatives on how to use utilities, to take pictures, to post business opportunities on ECVN and to introduce e-commerce development in Vietnam as well as in the world. In addition to that, ECVN Board of Management and E-commerce Department introduced and answered questions on legal aspects in e-commerce of members. Within the scope of that program, ECVN Board of Management had opportunities to have a meeting with more than 30 gold members. Members have shown their interest in ECVN’s activities as well as its benefits towards members. Through that program, members can quickly understand and use utilities on ECVN. Currently, that was an opportunity for ECVN Board of Management understands more about members’ strengths as well as their needs when joining ECVN. Therefore, ECVN Board of Management will find better kinds of support for its members.

II. Activities


In May, Board of Management received many registration profiles to become ECVN’s members. Board of Management verified and admitted 60 more new members. Together with the increase in the number of business opportunities, the number of business opportunities also increased rapidly last month. The total number of business opportunities of both goods and services in English and Vietnamese pages was about 2000. Business opportunities in both English and Vietnamese pages were of all kinds. The number of business opportunities of service sector also increase dramatically. The number of visitors to www.ecvn.gov.vn also increased, especially foreign visitors.

The ranking of www.ecvn.gov.vn on www.alexa.com is 51,715, passing through 20.000 levels compared to last month.



Pronouncing and awarding Member Upgrading Certificate for some upgraded members

As introduced in August Newsletter (3/2006), in order to help member enhance their reputation through ECVN, Board of Management carried The first stage member upgrading program in 2006.

On 25th May, 2006, ECVN Board of Management held the member upgrading certificate award ceremony for some members' representatives. Many journalists and reporters of reputable radio and television stations such as: Vietnam Television, Voice of Vietnam, PC World Magazine, Finance and Computer Science Magazine, Business Forum, Ha Noi Moi Newspaper, Investment Newspapers, Study Encouragement and People Magazine, VnMedia, VnExpress…Many questions of press focused on coming utilities and services, especially the provision of online commercial facilitation such as electronic certificate of origin (C/O) grant. Following that, companies will visit ECVN.gov.vn to explore information on to apply documents online. C/O checking will be carried out in a post-checking manner. Many journalists and reporters and ECVN members showed their support towards ECVN development.

On that occasion, Board of Management also renamed free members into bronze members to be suitable to its online features. To become ECVN’s members, they must be verified by Board of Management and are legal entities.

Together with the rapid development of ECVN, on the occasion of one year of official operation ceremony, Board of Management is expected to hold the second member upgrading stage in August, 2006.  

III. Member support

Supporting handicraft members in advertising their products on VietBiz Magazine

In order to support members to advertise their products and brand name towards the world market, Board of Management in cooperation with Vietnam Trade Promotion Department supported handicraft members to advertise their exports on VietBiz in English. Through this magazine, members’ images and products are diffused to government offices, embassies, Vietnam Trade Representative Offices, trade promotion agencies and domestic as well as foreign business communities.

Supplement ECVN Statistics

In order to help members to better follow up ECVN’s activities, ECVN Board of Management has supplemented statistics on the homepage of www.ecvn.gov.vn. This column helps members to know the total number of business opportunities on ECVN, the latest offers within three days and the list of new members.


IV. Coming activities

Having a meeting with gold members

Having seen the efficiency in having a meeting with members, in June, Board of Management will continue to carry out Gold member meeting Program in Hanoi. In the short term, Board of Management will have a meeting with gold members who have not posted any business opportunities on ECVN. However, other members wishing to join the program can make a direct contact with Board of Management.

Supporting coffee companies to advertise their products on VietBiz Magazine

In June, Board of Management continues to cooperate with Trade Promotion Department to support coffee producing members to advertise their exports in VietBiz edition number 6/2006. Posting information in VietBiz is free of charge.

Established in 8/2005, up to now, ECVN has admitted about 700 members. ECVN’s activities are highly appreciated by members and becoming more and more professional.

 PC World Magazine, 29/05/2006

Member upgrading Program is very helpful towards our company because as a gold member of ECVN, we get more support and benefits compared to other members. Moreover, gold members means that they are verified by Ministry of Trade as an efficient and effective partners on the market and their business opportunities are reliable. In our opinion, when joining e-marketplaces, company reputation is very important.

Ms Le Thi Hong Lan – The Vietnam Superin Tendence and Inspection Joint Stock Company

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