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Monthly News
April 2006 Newsletter  (27/05/2006) 

I. Outstanding events

Launching Fairs and Exhibitions Column

To live up to members’ demands for diffusing brand name, introducing products and seeking for partners through participating in domestic fairs and exhibitions, on April 11th, 2006, ECVN Board of Management launched Fairs and Exhibitions on ECVN. That provides information on programs of domestic and foreign fairs and exhibitions. Information provided by Vietnam Trade Representative in foreign countries, international organizations and other agencies of Ministry of Trade is frequently updated. Through that, ECVN members can have information on suitable fairs and exhibitions for their companies in a year. ECVN Board of management is willing to give consultancy to support members in choosing fairs and exhibitions as well as registering to participate in those ones.

II. Activities


Business activities of ECVN members continue to develop in April. The number of business opportunities is nearly 1,200. ECVN Board of Management has verified and admitted ten more foreign members. 40 companies who got reputable companies awards of the year 2005 by Ministry of Trade have become gold members of ECVN this month.

Currently, ECVN Board of Management continues to receive many business information relating to seeking Vietnamese partners from Vietnam Trade Representative Offices in foreign countries and Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam.

Inviting Chinese companies taking part in Quang Tay – Hanoi Exhibitions to join ECVN

From April 15th, 2006 to April 18th, 2006, Ministry of Trade in cooperation with Foreign Affairs Department of Quang Tay Province – China and Vietnam Tourism Promotion Joint – Stock Company (Vitrato) held China - Hanoi Goods Exhibition, Vietnam 2006. More than 100 Chinese companies took part in that Exhibition. ECVN Board of Management has sent invitation letters to those companies to take part in ECVN.

Have a meeting with gold members in Dong Nai

From 27th to 28th of March 2006, ECVN Board of Management in cooperation with E-commerce Department – Ministry of Trade and Dong Nai Trade Department held the training course on e-commerce for companies in Dong Nai to take part in that training course. In addition to basic e-commerce knowledge, members were introduced to many necessary skills in online business such as seeking for e-commerce information on the Internet, buying online from domestic websites and etc. Right after that training course, some companies in Dong Nai, which were not yet ECVN members, registered to become ECVN members.


III. Member support

New member support

Over last month, ECVN Board of Management was very active in supporting new members. For example, staffs of ECVN Board of Management guided specifically members through telephone to show them how to use ECVN utilities on ECVN such as posting news, updating logo, exploiting and seeking information on ECVN,

Helping members to contact trade representative offices in foreign countries

Aiming at serving as the bridge between members and trade representatives offices in foreign countries, over the time, ECVN Board of Management frequently helps members contact with Vietnam Trade Representative Offices in foreign countries. Through that help, some members have reliable information about their partners. Some transactions between members and some companies introduced by trade representative offices are on the move.

Translating company profile in English
In order to make it easier for foreign companies in seeking member and product information on ECVN, ECVN Board of Management has helped members translate their company profile in English. Through that, information seeking on ECVN by search tool is also easier. 

IV. Coming activities

Carrying out gold member support programs
Aiming at actively supporting gold members to take part in ECVN, since May, 2006, ECVN Board of Management in cooperation with E-commerce Department – Ministry of Trade will have a working visit to gold members’ company to guide them how to use utilities, to take pictures of their products and posting business opportunities on ECVN, currently provide information relating to e-commerce development situations in Vietnam.

That is also an opportunities for ECVN Board of Management to get feedback for ECVN improvement to better serve for business activities of all members. As expected, in May, that program will be carried for gold members in Hanoi. In 2006, that program will be carried out in provinces at random nationwide.

Establishing Export Support

ECVN Board of Management is making a plan for export support. That column will provides useful information for members in the whole export process such as exploring foreign markets, foreign commercial policies, contract signing, payment, means of transportation, export tariffs and information relating to public services.

Sending business information to member groups

ECVN Board of Management is making preparation for Weekly Business Information. That column will collect and provide members with business information, business opportunities, fairs and exhibitions. As expected, ECVN Board of Management will send that information to members through email weekly for members to get information.

Foundation for B2B e-commerce in Vietnam

ECVN was introduced to me through VTV4 and I sometimes visit ECVN noticing that ECVN does not have and eye-catching interface but has very useful information and is renewed frequently. It has useful information. Company profiles are reliable and complete, which make ECVN different from other B2B websites in Vietnam and in the world. However, if it has more foreign members as well as business opportunities, Vietnamese members will surely take part in ECVN more.
Wishing ECVN more success.

Mr Nguyen Minh Hoang (Canada) – www.alexa.com reviews

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