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New year & January 2006 Newsletter  (17/03/2006) 

Outstanding Events

Pronouncing results of Discovering ECVN  – Getting Surprised Awards

As introduction in the forth Newsletter, since December 10th, 2005 to January 10th, 2006, Vietnam E-commerce Portal (ECVN) held the Contest Discovering ECVN – Getting surprised awards on the occasion of four month operation anniversary of ECVN. So many ECVN members have taken part in this Contest. Financial Computer Science Magazine of Ministry of Finance sponsored one year of Financial Magazine for each award.

On January 16th, 2006, ECVN Board of Management summarized the Contest and there were eight awards including two first prizes, two second prizes and four third prizes. List of winners are as follows:

For the content of members with the most of business opportunity posts on ECVN:

- First prize: Hoang Ha Industrial Investment and Development Limited Company (free member) with 48 business opportunity posts.

- Second prize: East Asia Star Joint-Stock Company with 43 business opportunity posts.

- Two Third prizes: DDT magnetic ink producing Limited Company (free member) with 32 business opportunity posts and Intimex Import and Export Company (gold member) with 31 business opportunity posts.

For the content of the people who have the right and original answers to the questions on ECVN:

- First Prize: Ms. Nguyen Thi Hien – May Hai Joint-Stock Company (gold member).

- Second Prize: Mr. Nguyen Dinh Khanh – DakLak Import and Export Investment Company (gold member)

- Two third prizes: Ms. Nguyen Thi Dieu Thuy (Ho Chi Minh City) and Mr. Phung Tuan Dat – Bat Trang Ceramic Trade Promotion Center (silver member)..

On January 26th, 2006, ECVN Management Board will have a meeting and give presents to winners. For organizations and individuals who are not in Hanoi and can’t go to the Meeting, ECVN Board of Management will send present by post.



In December and first half of January, ECVN Board of Management verified and admitted nearly 200 new members including 70 gold members, 50 silver members and more than 50 free members, of which, there are so many big enterprises of spill heads of Vietnam such as Viet Tien Textile Company, Vinacafe Corporation, Song Da Construction Corporation, Vedan Joint-Stock Company, etc.

In addition to the rapid increase in number of members, the number of business opportunities which are posted in both Vietnamese and English pages is up to 400.

In particular, commercial support activities of ECVN Board of Management have attracted the attention of big import nations such as United States of America, Singapore, Italy, China, India and etc., who have joined ECVN as gold members. Foreign enterprises pay much attention to sources of goods of good quality of Vietnam such as garment and textile, leather, farm products, handicraft, etc. In addition to that, a number of enterprises have posted their business opportunities of many areas such as packaging, plastic, etc.

Having a meeting with gold members

On December 28th and 29th, 2005, ECVN Board of Management held a Meeting with gold members in the North at Information and Communication Transaction Center in Hanoi. Over 60 representatives took part in this meeting. This meeting was aiming at introducing briefly e-commerce in the world and in Vietnam, information exploiting skills and more participation in ECVN.

At the meeting, Board of Management and representatives have exchange information on improvements on ECVN to better support members. Majority of feedback focused on that ECVN should further provide more services, especially services relating to commercial information, online bidding, etc. Besides, members pay much attention to legal and domestic and foreign enterprises’ related information verification.

Discussion with journalists

To make preparation for Vietnam e-commerce development master plan for the year from 2006 to 2010 and to evaluate enterprise support in applying e-commerce, Ministry of Trade and ECVN Board of Management held the discussions with journalists. The discussion was on Vietnam e-commerce development master plan for the year 2006 to 2010, reviewing on e-commerce development in 2005 and introducing ECVN activities in the first three operation months. Over 60 journalists from radios, newspapers, magazines and television took part in this discussion and have posted news.  

ECVN launching event ranks the second in choosing ten Vietnam e-commerce events in 2005

In order to enhance the awareness and attention of enterprises and society towards e-commerce development, Ministry of Trade in cooperation with VietnamNet held the contest to choose 10 Vietnam e-commerce events in 2005. This contest was sponsored by FPT Distribution Company. It is socially like with the wide participation of organizations and individuals. That contest was to enhance high social awareness on e-commerce and to contribute to the orientation of future e-commerce activities.

The contest was held online at the address www.vietnamnet.vn from December 12th to 23rd, 2005. Basing on e-commerce events in 2005, participants would choose the first ten notable events. ECVN launching event was paid special attention. The result was 1,869 evaluating visits. Electronic transaction law which is approved by the National Assembly ranked the first, and ECVN launching ranked the second off the ten Vietnam e-commerce events in 2005.

Member support


After special column for enterprises in service was established, ECVN Board of Management has helped members understand Product Classification System of United Nations version 1.0 (CPC Version 1.0) and seek their right CPC code. ECVN Board of Management has supported over 300 members register their business areas according to CPC codes.

Foreign member support

Over the past months, ECVN activities have attracted great attention from foreign enterprises. ECVN Board of Management has received many emails requesting to provide information on registration procedures from big importers introduced by Ministry of Trade. Board of Management also guided enterprises to exploit information and post business opportunities of seeking for partners, distributors and other related information.  

Inviting enterprises awarded Viet gold star to join ECVN

Board of Management in cooperation with Vietnam Youth Association invited enterprises who have awarded Viet gold star over the past three years to join ECVN as silver members. Up to January 16th, 2006, Board of Management received 50 registration profiles from those enterprises.

Coming activities

Having meeting with gold members

After successfully held The meeting with gold members in the North, it is expected that ECVN Board of Management would continue to hold the meeting with gold members in the South in coming months. The aim of that meeting is to introduce generally e-commerce situations in the world and in Vietnam, closely guide to exploit commercial information skills and further push the participation in ECVN.

Commercial information special column

In the coming time, ECVN Board of Management will set up a special column of commercial information. This column will provide members information relating to international markets through the cooperation with foreign offices of Vietnam in foreign countries.

After three months of operation, Vietnam E-commerce Portal (ECVN) has become an important transactions gateway enabling foreign and domestic enterprises to have chances to exchange information and business opportunities.

E-newspapers www.quantrimang.com, dated December 14th, 2005

Although being a member of ECVN for a short period of time, our cooperative has received much support from Board of Management. That is a good chance for us to access information and to marketing ourselves as well as our activities to expand and enhance business efficiencies. Through that, our cooperative has step by step followed international economic integration.

Mr. Nguyen Van Toan, Chief of Minh An Agricultural and Service Cooperative, DakNong Province
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