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November Newsletter  (07/03/2006) 

Outstanding events

Launching business opportunity in service sector

In the first three months, some companies in the service sector have warmly welcomed the support from Ministry of Trade through establishing and operating Vietnam E-commerce Portal (ECVN). However, those enterprises showed that ECVN focused so much on trade in goods and has not yet pay much attention to service trade.  
Currently, in the world as well as in Vietnam, service trade is developing rapidly and accounting for a great part in GDP. Service companies are very active and tend to apply strongly e-commerce. The fact shows that in the first three months of operation, ECVN has not well designed to support those enterprises.
In that reality, in November, ECVN had an important improvement to support enterprises to seek for business opportunities in service sector. Since then, companies operating in tourism, transportation, distribution, insurance and construction, etc., can post business opportunities and find partners on ECVN rapidly and methodological. That improvement also helps members trading in goods have more transactions with service providers.
Like goods classification basing on HS96 of World Customs Organization (WCO), service classification of ECVN is based on Central Product Classification, United Nations, and Version 1.0. This classification according to CPC will ensure the consistency with online support target between business to business (B2B) of ECVN.   
Currently, enterprises seeking business opportunities or partners in service sector can easily find on www.ecvn.gov.vn because those business opportunities are located on the homepage.
It can be said that service trade support has been the biggest improvement of ECVN over the past three months. ECVN Board of Management wish to get more feedback from members as well as every enterprises to continuously upgrade and improve ECVN to server trade activities better.



After three years of operation, ECVN Management Board has verified and admitted nearly 300 enterprises to become ECVN members. Of which, the number of gold members is 150 accounting for 50% of the total number of enterprises. The number of free members is raising and ECVN Management is approving and verifying many ECVN free member registration profiles.
At the moment, on ECVN, there are more than 200 business opportunities of members. Business opportunities information is very useful and varied. Up to the end of November, 2005, about 150 members have posted their logo on ECVN. Logo exchange program of ECVN with members and other reputable websites were also carried out. Ranking of www.ecvn.gov.vn rapidly increased in the first three months.

Local training

In November, 2005, ECVN Board of Management organized a seminar on introducing ECVN for a number of enterprises in Long An, Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, Ha Tay and Hai Duong province.

Seminar in Vietnam Handicraft contest and traditional profession Fair

In the scope of Vietnam Handicraft contest and traditional professional Fair held by Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development from 17th to 21st, November, 2005, ECVN Management Board in cooperation with Marketing - Agricultural and Rural Development Exhibition Center held a seminar on e-commerce and ECVN. Many handicraft producing and trading enterprises have applied e-commerce from the beginning. However, many representatives in the seminar wished that Ministry of Trade further supported enterprises and create more job opportunities as well as increased export turnover.

Member support


Board of Management has collected feedback from members and added a new column. Business opportunity exchange and Newsletter columns have just been set up to live up to various demands of different members.

Inviting foreign enterprises to join ECVN

In November, through introduction and recommendation of foreign market Department of Ministry of Trade, Management Board collected information of 100 big foreign and reputable importers. Management Board is going to send inviting letter to those enterprises to become ECVN members.

Coming events

ECVN Contest

On the occasion of the first three operation month anniversary, since 10th December, 2005 to 10th January, 2006, ECVN Management will hold the contest ECVN Discovery. That contest is for ECVN members. That contest is very attractive with many valuable prizes. The winner with special award will be invited to have a tour around Hanoi or to get a laptop. First, second and third prizes are attractive ones. The result of the contest will be pronounced on 15th January, 2006. For more details of ECVN Discovery, please click on www.ecvn.gov.vn.

Training course for ECVN members

At mid-month of December, 2005, Board of Management will hold a training course for a certain number of members. The training course will focus on introducing utilities and support tools on ECVN as well as development plan for the year 2006. This is a chance for Management Board to talk with members and get feedback on ECVN.  

Online bidding

As expected, at the end of December 2005, ECVN will launch online bidding. This column will provide useful tools for members to invite bidding, admit bidding submission and etc through ECVN.    

Since being a member of ECVN, our company has received much support from Board of Management. We wish to receive more support from Board of Management in providing information, especially information relating to online bidding, market price fluctuations, partner verification and other related information to goods inputs.  

Mr Tran Quy Huy – Chief of Investment and Plan Department, Accessories and Machinery Company

I think that through Vietnam E-commerce Portal, Ministry of Trade has supported enterprises to have useful information on e-commerce. Besides such support, our enterprises wish that Ministry of Trade will soon carry out projects providing electronic public services such as e-payment, C/O, e-license, etc.

Mrs Tran Minh Ha – Depyty Director of Hanoi Aquatic Product Import and Export Company


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