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September Newsletter  (27/02/2006) 

Outstanding events

Inviting foreign importers to participate in ECVN

For the purpose of supporting enterprises as ECVN’s members in expanding export opportunities through online transactions, Ministry of Trade is deploying concrete activities to invite large-scale and well-known foreign importers to ECVN as gold member.

By the middle of September, E-commerce Department has completed Project of inviting foreign importers to join in  ECVN. Its Short-term target is to admit some large-scale and well-known foreign importers as ECVN’s gold members, to help Vietnamese exporters to add new partners as well as to decrease transaction charges.

Many companies which are under the control of Ministry of Trade will participate in this project, including Departments of Pacific-Asia, Europe, America, and South-West Asia – Africa, import-export, and Textile board. MOT will operate abroad Vietnamese commercial affairs companies in giving direct support to the project’s deployment…

Right after being ratified by Mr. Le Danh Vinh – deputy minister of MOT responsible for E-commerce, the above-said companies made quick discussion and gave some proposal of concrete activities on 20th September.

By the end of September, some abroad Vietnamese market department coordinating with import-export department and textile Board will have completely listed importers undertaken by one of these companies depending on market or business field. After that, E-commerce department, ECVN management Board and abroad Vietnamese commercial affairs companies will deploy following steps to invite them to ECVN as gold members.

Operation results:

Up to the end of September, nearly 300 companies have officially become ECVN’s members, increasing about 100 compared with late of August. Of which, there are over 40 gold members and 20 free members. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are places where a great number of members are concentrated.

ECVN’s members fill in many fields. The ones which have a large number of members are Garment and Textile, food processor…

ECVN Management Board averagely received 5 registration forms each day from companies. Particularly, registration forms of becoming free member have been going up rapidly. Considering the last week, the ECVN admitted 8 free members. Newest received registration forms will be appraised soon.

In September, the number of business opportunities also increased double, from 96 to nearly 200 including offer to buy and offer to sell at the same time with members’ going up. In the purpose of searching partners, expanding markets and promoting exports, many business opportunities have been posted in English section by members. Of which, offer to sell’s information is from VN’s core export industries, such as: Textile&Garment and raw materials, vegetable products, wood and wooden products, footwear…

At late September, a training course on E-commerce and ECVN serving provincial companies was held by ECVN management Board in coordination with Departments of Trade of some provinces.


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