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Tien Dai Phat Co., Ltd

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Address: No.1414,CT1A-DN2 building,Le Duc Tho street,Cau Giay district
City: Hà Nội
Country: Việt Nam
Telephone: 84 4 7870907 / 7870908
Fax: 84 4 7870906
Website: http://www.tdp.com.vn
Company Product and Service Categories
Precious stones and metals
Steam, Spark-ignition reciprocating/rotary internal combustion piston engines, other vapor turbines and other engines/motors/parts thereof
Pumps for liquids/liquid elevators fitted with measuring device; parts, air/gas compressors/fans
Air conditioning machines
Refrigerators, freezers etc; heat pumps (exc 8415); parts
Plant / lab (exc domestic) equipment / machines for heat / distill / sterilize / condense / cool processes
Calendering/other rolling machines (exc for metal, glass), cylinders & parts
Centrifuges; filtering / purifying machinery / appliances for liquids / gases; parts
Machines: dish / bottle / package washing / drying / filling / sealing / labeling; aerating beverages
Machines: blasting / dispersing / spraying sand / liquids / powders-fire extinguishers / spray guns / blasters
Pulley tackle/hoists (exc skip hoists); winches, capstans; jacks
Derricks; cranes; mobile lifting frames, straddle carriers, work trucks with cranes, handling machines
Agricultural machines
Casting and / metal foundries machies, parts
Machine tools for working stone, ceramics, concrete, asbestos-cement, similar / cold glass, wood, rubber, hard plastic / similar
Tools for working in the hand or in industrial machines, pneumatic / self-contained nonelectric motor; parts
Typewriters/Word Processing machines, Calculating devices calculators, accounting machines, postage-franking, ticket-issuing, cash registers and thereof as well as other office equipments
Machines for processing rubbers or plastics, sorting and assembling electrical lamps, tobacco preparations
Taps / cocks / valves / similar for pipes / boiler shells / tanks / vats / etc; parts; Ball / roller bearings & parts; shafts / bearings / gears / flywheels / pulleys / clutches/ couplings/ camshafts/ crankshafts/ Universal joints; and other machine parts
Electric motors / generators (exc generating sets), Electric generating sets / rotary converters with diesel engines and thereof
Electric transformers, static converters / inductors / rectifiers; parts and Electromagnets
Primary cells / batteries, parts; Electric storage batteries, incl separators thereof; parts
Domestic appliances with electric motor; vacuum cleaners / floor polishers / food processors / etc
Electrical ignition / starting equipment; generators / cut-outs; parts
Electrical equipment for vehicles (exc 8539); windshield wipers/defrosters/demisters/horns, lighting equipments, drying ovens used in labs and industries; and other equipments
Electric / laser / ultrasonic / electron / pulse / plasma arc soldering / brazing / spraying / welding, heating and water boiling machines
Transcribing machines: sound, images and televisons , tape players and thereof
Tractors, motors and transporting vehicles
Motobikes, bicycles and invalid carriages
Optical tools and equipments
Measuring tools and equipment and their accessories
Medical / surgical / dental / veterinary instruments
Lighting equipments
Company Details
Year Started: 2001
CEO name: Ngô Tiến Cương
Annual sales: N/A
Primary Business Type: Trading Company
Detail Information: Products/Services We Offer:
Mechanical machine,welding equipment,machine-tool,traning equipment, medical instrument
 Contact Information
Contact Person: Vuong Hai Tu     Contact Now
Job Title: Marketing Manager
Address: No.1414,CT1A-DN2 building,Le Duc Tho str.,Mai Dich,Cau Giay,Hanoi,Vietnam
Telephone: 84-98-3482510
Fax: 84-4-7631027
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