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Shandong Kaitai Industrial Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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Address: Qingyang, Zouping, Shandong, China
Country: China
Telephone: 86-543-4578888
Fax: 86-543-4579169
Website: http://http://www.kai-tai.com.cn
Company Product and Service Categories
Iron / steel
Machines: blasting / dispersing / spraying sand / liquids / powders-fire extinguishers / spray guns / blasters
Company Details
Year Started: 2002
Annual sales: N/A
Primary Business Type: Manufacturer
Detail Information: Shandong Kaitai Industrial Technologies Co.Ltd is one of the biggest manufactures of metal abrasive in china. The main products are cast steel shot (S780 S660 S550 S460 S390 S330 S280 S230 S170 S110 S70), cast steel grit (G14 G16 G18 G25 G40 G50 G80), steel cut wire shot (CW1.0 CW1.5), stainless steel shot (302 304 430) . Our products main used for sand and rusts removing of cast iron ,cast steel, steel structures, steel plate, steel pipes, forging and surface treatment of oxidized workpieces. Our products have met international standard of SAE and have established the quality controlling system of ISO9000. Meanwhile, our products have exported to more than 20 countries and regions and have gained good comments from domestic and abroad.
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