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Address: Market Street - Phu Tuc Commune - Phu Xuyen District - Ha Tay province - Viet Nam
City: Hà Nội
Country: Việt Nam
Telephone: 84-034-789443
Fax: 84-034-788172
Website: http://www.hienluonghandicraft.com.vn / www.hienluonghandicraft.com
Company Product and Service Categories
Products of straw / esparto / other plaiting materials; basketware & wickerwork
Company Details
Year Started: 1998
CEO name: Nguyễn Thị Lương
Annual sales: < $500.000
Primary Business Type: Others
Detail Information: We are Hien Luong handicraft export enterprise. We are one of the leader who specializes in pruducing handmade products in Viet Nam. Our goods made from bamboo, rattan, sea-grass, fern, wild-line, palm leaf and other natural material, with more than 2.000 other products, for example: rattan table, rattan chair, rattan cabinet , book shelf, breeding animal, hand bag, frame, bowl, basket,cask...... et . We have 5 containers 40 ft capability per month. We are enjoyed an excenllent repulation through 12 years business experience. We are sure that you will be quite satisfied with our services and excellent quality products
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