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Address: VietAu Building,5/F Unit 501 205 Giang Vo St - Dong Da Dist - Hanoi - Vietnam (Hanoi Branch Office)
City: Hà Nội
Country: Việt Nam
Telephone: 84-04-5147047  (Ext 103)
Fax: 84-04-5147074
Website: http://www.tmforwarding.com
Company Product and Service Categories
Railway transport services
Road transport services
Coastal and transoceanic water transport services
Inland water transport services
Air transport services of freight
Transport services via space
Cargo handling services
Storage and warehousing services
Supporting services for railway transport
Supporting services for road transport
Supporting services for water transport
Supporting services for air or space transport
Auxiliary and other supporting transport services
Company Details
Year Started: 25/06/1996
CEO name: Đào Trọng Khoa
Annual sales: N/A
Primary Business Type: Trading Company
Detail Information: Products/Services We Offer:
Member of WCA, FIATA, Atlas Line ...
Other Information:
We are a member of Vietnam Freight Forwarders Association (VIFFAS), FIATA, and various freight forwarders networks like World Cargo Alliance (WCA), Atlas Line International and Household Goods Forwarders Association of America (HHGFAA) as well as other business associations such as Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and European Chamber of Commerce (Euro Charm). In sea freight consolidation, we’re one of the major service providers and do offer more direct destinations than any other competition in the market.
We do provide a quality ocean and airfreight as well as other logistics related services to and from Vietnam. With over 400 partners offices all around the world, we’re in a position to offer you non-stop services for all your shipping needs. Our services are certified to ISO 9002:2000 - another commitment to our continuous satisfying of customer’s needs and expectations.
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